“Yes We’re Open Minded” Helps Customers Identify Stores That Don’t Discriminate

We’ve all been there before. It’s that moment you’re cruising the streets, contemplating a lunch location or where you want to window shop next when your friend breaks the crushing news- that place doesn’t support marriage equality.

Often times, it’s places we’d rather not know about, like our beloved Urban Outfitters who, in 2008, donated $13,150 to outspoken anti-gay presidential candidate, Rick Santorum or guilty pleasure Chick-Fil-A came out a very “Jesus doesn’t approve” stance on gay marriage. Once that initial feeling of “dammit”  passes and your friend says the words, “sorry for being a debbie downer,” we’re usually really happy we know. Not only that, but we then have the opportunity to turn that knowledge into practice when we refuse to give our money to discriminatory establishments in the future.


This was the type of mentality that gave California Native Andrew Lemon a brilliant idea for a way to make open-minded stores more visible for those of us interested in becoming conscious consumers.

And so was born, “Yes We’re Open Minded”.

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Inspired by the Indiana Pizza news story that sparked national conversations about Religious freedom, discrimination and Gov. Mike Pence’s “Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” Lemon played with the idea:

What if we gave companies the opportunity to display, “yes we’re open-minded” on their storefront windows?

He invested in this possibility and reached out to various creative minds and slowly, submissions trickled in from some of his favorite artists, making his vision a reality.

Months later, “Yes We’re Open-Minded” has finally launched an Indie-Go Go campaign to help give it that communal boost it needs to reach larger communities across the United States, especially those facing discriminatory practices we often forget exist on the West Coast. If you donate, you might even get a virtual high-five from Lemon himself or a super sweet print to put in front of your home and/or business.

With the approaching election and inevitable discussion of money in politics, it’s important to remember that every dollar we do (or don’t) spend is a vote for what we believe in. From the petition-savvy activist to the Facebook article, we all play a role in making the world a safer, more equitable space-


Support Drew’s project and ensure that every American plays an active role in conscious consuming. Donate here today.

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Anja Jerkovic

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