Women of the Week: Skirt Collective Interns

Happy Wednesday! This week on Woman of the Week, or should I say Women of the Week, we decided to bring you into our sunny San Diego office to meet our new interns Dani Bartello and Lorena Acosta. For a little over a month now, these two lovely ladies have made our lives infinitely easier by staying on top of the latest social media trends and putting together fun articles for your viewing pleasure. Working in the Skirt Collective office, albeit fun, is a lot of hard work and we’re grateful that these two dived head first into the fast lane. So without further ado, meet our interns and learn what kind of gals are behind the scenes at Skirt Collective:

Dani (left) is a senior at Point Loma Nazarene University + Lorena (right) is a senior at San Diego State University.

Dani (left) is a senior at Point Loma Nazarene University + Lorena (right) is a senior at San Diego State University.

If you had to explain your life story to someone in a paragraph or less, what would you say?

Dani: I was born and raised in Laguna Hills, Orange County, California, and have never lived anywhere else. I have beautiful parents and twin identical sisters who have been teaming up against me my entire life. I grew up in theatre and musical theatre and starred in my first role as “Thumbelina”, and it carried on into my high school career where I had many lead roles in other plays like “My Fair Lady”, “Little Women”, “Suessical”, and “Into the Woods.” I went to Laguna Hills High School and made great friends, including my long-time boyfriend of six years, as well as great memories, but not as great as the memories I make today at Point Loma Nazarene University. Currently I’m in my last semester of college and potentially school ever and I’m not quite sure what’s to come next yet.

Lorena: I’ve lived in San Marcos all my life, but went to school in Encinitas from preschool to 7th grade (because both my parents worked there) and then finally went to school in San Marcos from 8th-12th grade. My first language was Spanish, and I learned English in Kindergarten. My first crush was also in kindergarten, and it was on my Boys and Girls Club Supervisor who was 18 (I was weird, I know). Growing up, I was the biggest tomboy since I was always around my brother and all male cousins. I grew up playing soccer and played lacrosse for a year in high school. Towards the end of elementary school, I wanted to be a professional soccer player but also a fashion designer because I loved drawing clothes. I quickly realized that I wasn’t good enough to be a professional soccer player, and my dream of being a fashion designer was shattered after I read an article in middle school that most fashion designers don’t “make it.” I chose SDSU because it was far enough to have a true college experience, but close enough to be near my family (although I literally never visit them…oops!). I am studying Business Management (because it’s as broad of a major as it gets), and I am minoring in Spanish and Digital and Social Media Studies.

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