Woman of the Week: Sydney Faith Rose

Sydney Faith Rose is all things wonderful. She is a writer, a friend, a mindful health and meditation coach , a mentor, a guide, and one of our favorite human beings to walk the planet. We know, we know but this isn’t an understatement. Doing this interview felt like our own self growth session, picking up pieces of advice from her own experience. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it just as much as we did.

1. When did you first have your “aha” moment as a feminist?

Hmm…. I’ve always been intensely averse to feeling like I’m being controlled or pinned down by other people. As long as I can remember, I’ve had a strong desire to be free and self-directed/self defining. I think my whole life has been full of “aha” feminist moments.


I thought deeply about male-female relationships even as a kid. I remember when I really started to learn about income inequality as a teenager. And about race. I don’t remember a lot of “moments” per se, but I continue to have my perceptions about justice challenged philosophically and personally.

One thing that comes to mind for me now is a moment of realization a few years ago. I had already been studying buddhism pretty intensely for 3 or 4 years and had been on many retreats. I’d been listening to talks about meditation almost everyday. I was doing some research in the Pali Canon (the early buddhist texts) and stumbled across a section of poetry written by enlightened women who had been studying at the time of the Buddha. I couldn’t believe that I had never even heard that there was a community of women practicing Buddhism at that time. How could I have listened to 1000’s of Dharma talks full of Buddhist stories and still had no idea that their stories were even recorded? I realized that this is the case in so many traditions and histories, that women (or people of color, or people with disabilities, or queer people, etc) were present, but their stories weren’t told or valued. After that, I came up with the idea of publishing an art book called “Unapologetically Enlightened” that illustrates those poems. It’s still in progress and may take a long time to complete, but I still feel very passionate about it.

2. What is your Meyers Briggs Type and How Do you feel it fits you?

ENFP. I feel like it fits me pretty well… a little too well. I feel like it describes my personality in the world and with others. My inner life is much more complex and nuanced. I recently went on a 6 week silent meditation retreat. Since that experience,  I think I’ve become much more introverted. As I start to become aware of my own sensitivity to other people’s energy and moods, I feel more and more like time alone helps to ground and refocus me and brings me back to center and reconnects me with my own inner guidance system. I think the healthier and steadier I become, the more I appreciate time with myself. I wonder if my personality is changing.

Sydney Faith Rose

Sydney Faith Rose

Sydney Faith Rose is the founder of Mindbody Kindness. MindBody Kindness' approach to health combines meditation, yoga and over 200 different nutritional theories, founded on the belief that personal, community and systemic health are interconnected. She's also also an adventure enthusiast, sex positive feminist, passionate learner with a primary interest in health and healing across disciplines.You can find more info on coaching here: Additionally, a project she's working on with a collective of artists here:

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