Woman of the Week: Krystel Tien


Krystel was born and raised in sunny San Diego, CA. She received her degree in Communications with a minor in Public Relations at Point Loma Nazarene University.  Krystel spent several years in the fashion and entertainment industry, working with some of the top modeling agencies, fashion designers, and FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) before stepping into the world of events where she freelanced with one of the most prestigious event production companies, Events International Company, in Malibu, CA .
In 2008, she was able to combine her love for fashion and events by founding Couture Events. Coming from the world of fashion where Couture is EVERYTHING- she wanted to combine all of the elements of Couture into her events: quality, handmade, gorgeous, unique, and glamorous.

1. What encouraged you to start your own company?

A love of all things pretty and the excitement of being in the business of joy. I have always had an entrepreneurial heart and was never afraid to follow my dreams.

2. When did you realize you wanted to do event coordinating and styling as a career?
My junior year of college I knew I wanted to do event coordination and styling and created the first logo for Couture Events and services/packages in chemistry class (which I knew I was NOT interested in).

3. Where do you get the inspiration for the events you coordinate and style?
When I am able to sit down with a couple and get to know them a little bit, their interests and likes inspire me. I take what they like and start to brainstorm, let the ideas run wild, and then present them with my top ideas. I am also inspired by the world around me, a beautiful sunset, the cityscape, fashion, color stories. I find inspiration everywhere I look.

4. What is your favorite part about being an events coordinator/stylist?
I love being able to create beautiful things and making others dream come true! I believe in love, happily ever after, and celebrating it.

5. What is your favorite quote?
“I am going to make everything around me beautiful – that will be my life.” ― Elsie De Wolfe.
(Not just beautiful on the outside but beautiful on the inside. I want to touch the lives of those around me. I want to bring joy to everyone I work for and with the beauty that is created.)

6. What did 5-year-old Krystel say she wanted to be when she grew up?
Oh I wanted to be so many things… but my favorite would be a Vegas dancer. Yep, I told this to my next door neighbors mom at age 5 after coming back from Vegas, much to my mothers dismay.

What I should have said but didn’t- I wanted to work with Siegfried and Roy’s tigers, wear sparkly beautiful outfits, and make people say, ?WOW— ohhhh and ahhhhh”

Pretty much what I do now but I get to put someone else in a white (sometimes sparkly) outfit and minus the tigers (unless they have a wild mother-in-law).

7. If you could use one color to describe yourself, what color would it be and why?
PEACH – Peach is a warm, wonderful, and happy color.

8. If you could meet anyone in the world (dead of alive) who would it be and why? This is hard… I have 4- JESUS, Oprah, Taylor Swift, and Rachel Zoe… They all inspire me.

9. What is one thing on your bucket list?
Plan and design a destination wedding in Paris.

10. What is the funniest joke you have ever heard?
I am not really a slapstick person or even a joke person. I find cute animal videos funnier than most “jokes”.

11.What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?
It takes a lot to embarrass me. But I do fall and trip quite often. My hand eye coordination is not always there. Let me say skirt, heels, and my face on the floor (it’s usually not a good combination)- sorry, all.

12. If you could only be one age for the rest of your life, what age would that be and why?
27- it’s my lucky number and it was an incredible year. But I am glad that we age and that we are always growing wiser and more knowledgeable. I hope that I age gracefully and only become a more beautiful person (inside and outside) with time.

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