Woman of the Week: Ingrid Cruz

Ingrid Cruz first made herself known to us when she submitted a vulnerable piece on depression in March. Needless to say, it was writer love at first post. After that, we kept begging for more content and lucky for us, Ingrid kept submitting. We’ve had the honor of asking Ingrid some ‘get to you know you’ questions and her answers left us researching more about M.I.A and relearning how important the feeling of contentment is.


1. If 5 year old Ingrid had to write an author bio, what would it say?

First of all, it’d be in Spanish. It would probably just say I’m a master writer of stories told in crayons, and that my favorite subjects are Goofy, Batman, and Daisy Fuentes.

2. What is your favorite internet meme?

66393 (1)
Meme Maker

3. What is your ideal writing regimen?

If I were doing what I felt I should be doing, I’d wake up and do yoga, drink my coffee then write in blocks. One block for my poetry book that I’m editing (though this block will become designated to my novel once that book is finished), another block for my screenplay, another for my comedy, and of course, the writing I do for work. However, right now I wake up, stretch for a few minutes, drink coffee, and then work based off of anything on my to-do list.

4. What does self-care look like to you?

Right now it looks like finding ways to pay my bills and getting them paid on time, sleeping 7-8 hours per day, eating the healthiest food I can afford, and exercising 30-60 minutes per day.

5. What is your favorite human emotion? Why?

Contentment. As a child I used to act and I’d like to get back to it someday soon, so I save my extreme emotions for making impressions during comedy routines with friends, or to serve as creative juices for when I’m writing. I feel good when I’m just at peace with what I have and just enjoy the moment. Extremes take up too much of my energy and drain me.

Ingrid Cruz

Ingrid Cruz

Ingrid Cruz is a freelance writer and designer raised in Los Angeles. She's currently backpacking South America and hopes to return to the USA free of her fear of heights.

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