Welcome to the New Skirt Collective

Hey friends!

Everything might look the same on Skirt Collective but I assure you, things are DIFFERENT. This site is now owned by and operated by its founding female members and is a wholly independent enterprise. Exciting times!

It’s been too long since this site has seen regular updates and given some love. I promise I have been doing productive things like being a bridesmaid who gave a rambling, drunk toast to the bride and groom. I’ve also been trying to focus my energies on my main gig and dealing with many miniature life crises like idiotically crashing my car into a trailer hitch and also, two weeks later, breaking down in that same car. 2016 is going great, guys. It’s great.

I have tamed the stresses of life somewhat and now they are but a dull roar in the background. I’m finally in a place to give Skirt Collective the love and attention it deserves.

Dramatization of the site hiatus below:

Me: Baby, I’m so sorry I left you. You were right, we were meant for each other all along. 

Skirt Collective: I’m not stupid, I saw you went after the money and you forgot all about me when you realized you could buy ALL the things in your online shopping cart instead of half of it.

Me: Come on, I came back to you, didn’t I?

Skirt Collective: True. But things better be different this time. 

Me: It will be.

Note to Hollywood producers: feel free to contact me directly if you’d like to read the full script that centers on the tumultuous relationship of a website owner and her unwieldy website.

So here’s the deal. This is a passion project run by women for women. We are rolling out more articles, more weekly series, and we are looking for submissions.

I want to open up the site to include those creatives who we previously weren’t considering.

Here’s what I’m looking for this time around if you want to be published:


Poems – these will be featured once every Friday (hopefully we get some poets in here!).

Comics/Illustrations – with subjects dealing with women’s interests.

Personal Essays – ALWAYS.

News Items – events you think SC readers should know about.

Reviews – music, makeup, media – you experienced it? Tell me about it.

Lists – is the internet over lists yet? I’m not… so send them over.

Experiments – beauty and style experiments.

Submit your pieces here.


I want to thank everybody who has helped and continues to help support SC in big ways or small – the site can’t survive without readers and people who believe in women and women supporting women (is there a way to stick the word “women” in there some more?).

So, this is a big THANK YOU to everyone. If there is some sort of content you’d like to see up on the site, leave your thoughts in the comments.

Skirt Collective is back in action.

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