Ways to Treat Your Skin While Sleeping

Don’t miss out on half of your skincare. Sure, as you prep for the day ahead, you make sure to use moisturizer with sunscreen and you’re particular about your make-up application. But that’s just half of your day’s worth of skincare.

Don’t forget about the nighttime hours. There’s a substantial amount of time you can put to good use to enhance your skin. The Duchess of Cambridge must know about the importance of round-the-clock skin care with her consistent radiance.

If you want to have the glow of Kate Middleton, consider using these products while you sleep:

Witch Hazel
The natural substance is derived from the plant of the same name. It is used for a number of ailments including diarrhea, tuberculosis, colds and fevers. The chemicals contained in witch hazel are called tannins. When it’s put on the skin directly, they can help make eyes less puffy and reduce the dark circles underneath your peepers. This will brighten your look and make you look more alert and fresh.

It’s worth noting that many witch hazel products have alcohol in them, which can cause skin to become dry and/or irritated. Make sure to reserve witch hazel for special events. If you were Kate Middleton, you’d save it for red carpet event. You can save it for that big meeting at work or New Year’s Eve party that’s been in the works for months.

Nivea Crème
Perhaps it’s not just the Duchess of Cambridge who dips into the jar of Nivea Crème. The Queen of England could very well use this product as it’s been around for more than 100 years. As it launched in 1911, the beauty product has moisturized and protected skin for generations.

The classic and basic blend combines mineral oil, Vaseline, glycerin and some wax. The moisturizer is gentle — when have you ever seen Kate Middleton with a rash or breakout?

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion
If Kate does have breakouts, she is sure to nip them in the bud. You can do the same when problems areas or blemishes make an unexpected and unwelcome appearance.

Take care of them with a spot treatment. Once you’ve washed your face apply a dab of the drying lotion right onto any blossoming blemishes with a Q-tip. The targeted acne treatment is made with salicylic acid and calamine, which are fast acting and quick drying. As the lotion dries so does the skin underneath, this causes whiteheads and other trouble spots to shrink while you snooze.

Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense Highly Concentrated Nourishing Treatment
Kate Middleton is known for her signature locks. Have you every seen her have a bad hair day?! Her hairstyle is consistently simple yet elegant. Part of this elegance is the healthy shine and full texture of it.

To maintain your mane like the Duchess of Cambridge, try this nourishing treatment. It includes ingredients such as proteins and lipids to help repair and protect hair from the elements. The individual strands of your hair are treated with a lightweight protective coating to shield against UV rays, harsh air conditioned air and even pollution.

A Humidifier
Dry skin isn’t healthy skin. The dryness can cause it to be irritated and itchy. And ultimately dryness will not project the glow you want to present to the world. One of the best ways to keep your skin moist and supple is to keep your house, especially your bedroom, humid.

Regardless of the climate where you live, whether it’s Phoenix, Arizona, Austin, Texas or Washington State, you can give your skin a nightly lift by running a humidifier while you sleep. This will replenish and mist your skin while you dream.
You can invest in good skin products and other appliances to rejuvenate your skin while you sleep. However, the items can’t and won’t replace sleep. Make sure to get some solid shuteye to allow your body to rest, your skin to refresh and to maximize the benefits of the products you’re using. Beauty sleep isn’t a myth, it’s a fact as it can keep your skin from aging, prevents dark circles and more. Pair up these products and a good night’s sleep and you’ll be looking like royalty when you wake.  

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