Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Lazy, Uninspired People Like Me

We are all cynical and jaded and understand that Valentine’s Day is mostly a manufactured holiday driven by consumerism. Now that we have that out of the way we can move on to important things like wringing out some sort of joy from Valentine’s Day in spite of the forced nature of the holiday. So, here are some ways to celebrate it with your S.O. or even just a lady friend who you want to hang out with for the day:

Brewery or winery tour

Why is this such a great date idea? Well, first of all, you’re drinking so what could go wrong with that? (Let’s just be optimistic, okay.) Secondly, you’re learning things and that could be pretty cool.

I feel like brewery and winery tours are fun, casual and a great way to start off a date night. After the tour, you can hang out and drink or go out to eat. The alcohol you drink on the tour will enhance everything. 

The best way to ensure a strong, solid date night is to start with liquid courage and KNOWLEDGE ACQUIRING.

Revisit the place where you went on your first date

This idea only works for established couples although I guess if Valentine’s Day is your second date, you could just go back to whatever restaurant or movie you went to for your first date.

I can’t help but squee at the cuteness of this idea. It might be a little saccharine, sure. But what a great way to revisit where you first connected?

Take an art class together

There’s is nothing quite like seeing the artistic failtures of your significant other. Just kidding, they’re probably artistic geniuses and will make you look like Picasso’s younger sister who was passed over when the gene fairies were deciding who to give artistic talent to (that’s how DNA works, right?).

But seriously, taking a painting class or some other class is a great way to bond over a shared experience, even if it’s an experience you’re kind of bad at. At least you can come away with some serious laughs.

Have a night in

*puts on Marvin Gaye*

Cook dinner with each other, spruce up your table with a tablescape, sit on down in your finest pajamas or ratty sweats, and chat feverishly in between stuffing your face. Make a fancy dinner where you pair food with wine. Maybe have multiple courses?  I don’t know, you crazy  kids, figure it out.

Or just order pizza and binge watch Bob’s Burgers.

Make sure to avoid the words “Netflix and chill” as a courtesy to your fellow human beings.

See a play

Instead of a movie! It’s not a totally overdone idea and it might actually be fun. I can’t remember the last time I saw a play but they’re still a thing according to the internet.

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