Turning Points: 5 Women Who Have Ditched the 9-5 Jobs

Recently I was trolling through social media and noticed something interesting. Many women who were popping up on my feed were creating a new turning point in their lives; they were ditching their 9-5 jobs and replacing them with more unconventional means- and their dreams. As someone who is doing that same thing myself (working a part time job in order to focus more on my writing) it excited me to see other women making this same choice. So I decided to reach out through Facebook to see if any of them were interested in giving me the scoop on their turning points.

To my excitement, I received many women who were willing to share their adventures. And while I couldn’t share everybody’s stories and wisdom – I was able to get a very diverse group of women to share their thoughts on changing their careers. An artist, a model, a photographer, and a woman in direct sales, were all eager to inspire us with their stories.



Maggie is a local artist who has been working on creating her own unique company with her mother for a year. They wake up early on weekends, earlier than her regular work week, and go to estate sales. They find pieces that are special and purchase them to refurbish and sell on their Etsy site. And while Maggie is still currently working her full-time job, she has hopes that one day that will change and she can open up her own shop to sell her pieces. Even better, she’s hoping her shop will be a place where others can join her journey of selling art. Her Etsy site, Magpiescrations21 is keeping her busy, giving her more work than her regular job, but as Maggie says about starting her new journey- “Go for it. If you don’t enjoy what you do everyday then what’s the point?”
Well said, Maggie!

Katlin Stack

Katlin Stack

Katlin is from the snowy city of Buffalo, New York. She spends most of her time reading, writing, discovering new foods, and trying to find any excuse to dance. Katlin is married to her college sweetheart and trying to navigate married life, while still discovering all of the unique possibilities of being in her twenties. While working on New Adult novels, Katlin also works on her own blog- Trials and Triumphs of a Twenty-Something.

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