Top 10 Feminist Documentaries

Much has been said about the state of women in the media, especially women directors, screenwriters, producers, and the parts written for women in film and TV. The issue of representation gets even worse when we discuss women of color, trans women and women who are a part of the LGBT community. That’s why I’ve compiled his handy list of feminist documentaries for you to watch if you feel so compelled.

It’s absolutely not exhaustive, as there are tons of issues that affect women today. These are great conversation-starters, and if you’re like me then you know that supportive the feminist documentaries that are out there will encourage women to make more awesome films as well. Note: they’re not ranked from best to worst. This is just a list.

10. The Business of Being Born (2007)

Director: Abby Epstein

Produced by Ricki Lake, this documentary examines how giving birth in the USA has been turned into a business. It also discusses the painful way decision-making has been taken away from mothers, and how lobbyists and business interests have imposed their methods to the birthing process in the country.

The full-length documentary is currently available on YouTube.

Ingrid Cruz

Ingrid Cruz

Ingrid Cruz is a freelance writer and designer raised in Los Angeles. She's currently backpacking South America and hopes to return to the USA free of her fear of heights.

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