Why Tinder Is The Sample Sale Of Online Dating

It’s a Thursday night and my roomie and I are engaging in one of our of favorite past-times: white wine, Scandal, and trolling for possible suitors on Tinder. My roomie throws her phone at me and squeals, “You have to check this guy out! Should I swipe right?”

I happily sip my wine and then check out her latest possible match on the dating app. “Ew, all of his photos are group shots and mirror selfies? Automatic swipe left.” I chuckle and toss her phone back to her.

Apparently there are hundreds of eligible bachelors out there just waiting to make a quick-and-easy connection with a single gal in the city like myself. But finding that diamond in the rough might just be harder than finding this season’s latest “it” bag during a sample sale.

After all, I know what I’m getting myself into when I go to a sample sale – low commitment, designers looks at a discount, and a need to up my patience factor as I shift through racks and barrels of clothes while fighting off other fashion-hungry women looking to make a quick score. My experience during a sample sale is eerily similar to that of trying to find a date on Tinder. The majority of the guys aren’t looking for a long-term girlfriend, so the commitment factor is pretty low.

Drinks? Sure. But dinner?! That’s pretty much unheard theses days on the dating scene and I can’t stand it when they want to go dutch. I’m a feminist and all, but I still like to be treated like a lady.

Swiping through the photos of guys, one after the other, until they start to become a blur (or maybe that’s just the wine working its magic) is like when I’m swiping through the racks at the sale – so much to choose from, so little time.

But like the clothes at the sample sale which range from being a bit off size-wise, last season’s looks, and overstock, the guys on Tinder are pretty much the same. At first glance they seem pretty cute but once you swipe through the rest of their photos and read their bios, you quickly realize that they are a bit off and are all trying to be Ryan Gosling knock-offs.
Now for the competition factor. People have been known to elbow, scratch, and claw their way through a sample sale just to get that diamond in the rough purchase. The same goes for the other girls on Tinder posting bikini and boob shots. No judgment here – if you’ve got it, flaunt it. But how can my pics in an oversized faux fur vest, vintage tee, and harem pants compete with wannabe Victoria’s Secret models?

Candy Washington

Candy Washington

Actor, writer, and on-camera host, Candy has appeared in MTV's He Said, Said, along with additional television spots, national commercials, and short films. She was recently profiled in Popsugar's Shopsense by ShopStyle Actor and Blogger Spotlight and is a host for HBO's Girls After Show on TheStreamTV. She is also the founder of a popular fashion and style website, Actress with Style.

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