The Super Bowl Halftime Performance with Beyonce, Bruno Mars, aaand that One Dude

Sports happened yesterday. The only part of said sports I saw was the halftime show with Beyonce, Bruno Mars, and Chris Martin (WHO?!). It was a surprisingly political show. The most political thing about Katy Perry’s halftime show last year was the breakout performance of Left Shark whose dance moves expressed the dangers of unchecked capitalism. Anyway, this year’s show opened with Chris Martin doing an ode to past performances. A reminder that Chris Martin and Coldplay would never reach the bar that other musicians and artists have set.

At one point, a giant “Believe in Love” message made up of audience members’ individual signs with a rainbow background was held up. This was a big deal for a sports event that takes after Sweden when it comes to politics. It showcased support for LGBT causes and was a nod to the Super Bowl host, San Francisco, a city that’s been inclusive and at the forefront of the gay rights movement.

Beyonce, of course, was the real star. Although shout out to Bruno Mars who did a great rendition of “Uptown Funk” while wearing Hefty trash bags.

Beyonce sang her newest song, “Formation”, which mentions both Hurricane Katrina and the Black Lives Matter movement. Her video for the song shows her in various scenes: a Southern style plantation house (where she and stylish background dancers are the masters of the house, of course), on top of a police car in the middle of a floor, driving in a vintage car, and dancing in an empty pool.  At one point, the camera cuts away to graffiti on a wall: “Stop shooting us.”

During her performance at the Super Bowl, even her outfit and her dancers’ outfits were political. Beyonce wore a military-style outfit that harkened back to Michael Jackson’s past get-ups. Her dancers wore black berets and leather outfits evocative of Black Panther members. And they killed it. Sure, Beyonce almost fell but she turned it into some amazing dance move where you couldn’t really tell if her half-fall was on purpose or just her being awesome and looking like she was about to fall.

She even announced the start of her new world tour. She wasn’t performing FOR the Super Bowl, this was just a venue for Beyonce to tell everyone what’s good.

Her dancers also took a photo backstage with a paper that said “Justice for Mario Woods” backstage who was shot by Police in December in San Francisco. The case and investigation is still pending.

Sure, Coldplay was headlining the Super Bowl but Beyonce and her dancers took the spotlight for a good cause.

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