That Time I Went to Sophia Amoruso’s #Girlboss Book Tour

Full disclosure: I haven’t even read Sophia Amoruso’s book, #Girlboss, yet – that was one of the main draws of the book tour event, they gave away copies of the book included in the ticket price. Yes, I’m sure it would have been cheaper to order it off Amazon but I was interested in Amoruso’s story after learning about her life from various internet articles (how most of my interests start). And I wanted to see what she had to say for herself. I was also curious as to whether she’d address any of the recent controversies surrounding her company – firing workers for getting pregnant, for example (nope).

In case you’re completely lost, Sophia Amoruso is the chairman of Nasty Gal, a multi-million dollar retail company which started as an eBay shop that sold vintage clothes ten years ago. She had a non-traditional path to success: she didn’t go to college, she was into anarchist texts, freeganism, dumpster diving and pursued an alternative lifestyle. That is, until she got a hernia and needed a job to get health insurance and surgery. So, she worked as an ID checker and in her spare time on the job, she created an eBay shop called Nasty Gal Vintage

In her “Introduction to the Introduction” chapter, Amoruso sums up her life timeline like this:


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