Thank You to Every Member of the LGBTQI Community: Love Wins Every Time

That’s right, non-believers, it’s time to start BELIEVIN’. Also, you don’t really have a choice, because marriage is a thing and pretty soon, you’re going to sound pretty dumb saying things like ‘gay marriage’.

Love-is love-is love, y’all! Cue the Dixie Cups’ Chapel of Love, frolic the land for every rainbow possible and demand that every person in your life says a big ol’ toast to this historical win. It’s an honor to be alive during this time and you bet that someone at McGraw Hill is working on his(her)tory textbooks at this moment (not a researched fact) and including a whole new chapter on the battle towards marriage equality and this win.

In a 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court said NAY to any and all states trying to place bans on same-sex marriages. It’s been a long time coming with small victories in individual states, 15 who have been dragging their heels on the inevitable flow of progress. You can’t stop a river from flowing and you can’t fight the power of love, naysayers.


Regardless, this article could absolutely spend the next few minutes blowing raspberries at ignorant politicians and laughing at the guy who said he would set himself on fire or the couple who vowed to get a divorce if SCOTUS passed marriage equality, but let’s not waste any time on them. Instead, we should all celebrate this momentous time in America’s history and give thanks to the tremendous amount of people from the LGBTQI community who have not only risked but taken their lives during a time when a law like this was a distant dream.

This law passed because countless of gay, lesbian, queer, bisexual, and trans* individuals risked their safety, their personal lives, their ties to family members, their jobs, their partners and so much more for a moment like this. This took work. This took sacrifices. This law passed because in the wake of so many suicides, murders, bullying cases and so on, it was obvious that our country’s views on a love outside of heterosexuality were not in line with the experience of so many human beings.

And so, in celebrating this moment, I remind all readers to remember the lives lost, the sweat dropped, and the tears shed in this long battle that continues even after this ruling-

We’re one step closer to erasing the box that confines love.

And of course, Love always wins.

Anja Jerkovic

Anja Jerkovic

Anja Jerkovic is enjoying her 25th journey around the sun with the help of friends, family, dogs and cinnamon rolls.

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