What We’re Looking For:

Well-written and conversational articles for an informed, mostly-female readership covering sex & relationships, advice, entertainment, media, beauty, fashion, gender issues, body positivity, or DIY. We value first-person experience over generalized discussions and concise, opinionated writing over flowery essays.

We are now accepting poetry, comics, and illustrations.


– Write in your own voice with attention paid to clarity, grammar, and proper formatting.
– Articles should be sent in final, complete form. No drafts will be accepted. SC staff will do light editing for small errors but submissions with extensive issues will be rejected.
– Include personal photos (mobile pictures okay) to tell a better, more authentic story. Please avoid sending us stock photos.
– SC does not accept fiction pieces.
– SC is now accepting articles that have been published on your personal blog, just be sure to send us the original link.
– SC does not guarantee that the author’s title for a submission will remain the same when published. If the SC editors feel a different title more accurately reflects the content, it will be changed.


Short-form articles can be 500 to 800 words. Long-form articles are 800+. There is no limit in terms of length. If you want to do a series, that is welcomed as well. Pitch these to the Managing Editor, Michelle –


If you choose to use images, include them in the submission along with the image URL and the original image source. If the photo is not yours, include citations.

If the images are your own, make a note of this in your submission. You can include captions to accompany your images by writing them out at the bottom of your submission (with notes on which caption goes with which photo).

Compensation Details:

As of 7/9/2015, we no longer pay for submissions. Skirt Collective is owned and operated by the founding female members: Michelle Wilson and Vivian Huang. This is a passion project we are trying to grow – our goal is to get the site big enough where we can compensate writers again.

Bio & Headshot:

Provide a 2-3 sentence bio with links to any social media accounts, blogs, or other side projects you wish to publicize. Please attach a recent headshot with your submission.

Alternatively, let us know if you would like to be published anonymously.

If you have any questions please take a look at our submissions FAQs page.

Please send all submissions directly as an attachment to in Word, Google Doc, or PDF form.