Submission FAQs

Are you accepting submissions/pitches?

Yes! Because our site is based on user-generated content, we always welcome submissions and pitches from our readers.

Do you pay for submissions? How long does it take for payment to be processed?

As of 7/9/2015, we no longer pay for submissions. We still accept submissions and will publish them if appropriate but unfortunately we are no longer able to pay for new submissions.

Do I have to be a girl to submit to Skirt Collective?

Absolutely not! We don’t discriminate our users in any shape or form. But please do keep in mind that Skirt Collective is still a “women’s interest” site and any content submitted should be treated as such.

Can I submit something I’ve already published somewhere else, like on my personal blog?

Due to copyright issues, we cannot accept content that’s already been published elsewhere. If you wish to discuss something you’ve already published with us on a personal blog/website, we encourage you to link directly to your already-published Skirt Collective article.

Can I submit more than once article at a time?

Of course! But please refrain from submitting multiple copies of the same piece. We promise we are working to get to your articles as quickly as we can.

Can I submit my own photos to go along with the piece?

Yes! We encourage authors to include their own photos with their pieces rather than using other online images, especially if your submission is a personal piece.

Should I contact you to see if my submission was selected?

No. Our team will contact you if your submission is selected to be published.

How long does it take to hear back about my submission?

Depending on the volume of submissions that come in, it can take anywhere from a few days to a week for us to process your submission. If you don’t hear back after two weeks, assume your submission won’t be published and feel free to submit another piece.

Why was my submission rejected?

Submissions are not selected for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: unoriginal idea/content, non-conversational writing style, being overly-rambly, poorly written content, etc.

Why was my original titled not used on my published piece?

Titles for articles are subject to editorial discretion and can be changed if editors feel that another title better reflects the content.

Can you tell me how to better my submission?

On occasion, we will reach out to authors to make minor edits for publication. We cannot, however, give feedback on every submission we receive due to the influx we receive.

What kind of content are you looking for?

Skirt Collective welcomes a variety of content, so long as it targets the female audience. We recommend looking over some of our already-published pieces and site categories to gauge the type of content we publish. But please, do not submit an article based upon something that’s already published, unless responding to the article or tacking on new and original ideas.

Can I pitch an idea for Skirt Collective without having to write the article?

We love when our readers get creative! If you’ve got an idea that you think would be good for an article (but don’t necessarily want to write it), tweet us at @skirtcollective or post on our Facebook wall!

Are you guys hiring?

For full-time opportunities, please check out career pages here: