Spring Shoes You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Right Now

Shoes. Even when I am unhappy with my life, or what looks back at me in the mirror, or just grumpy, shoes have the power to make everything better. So, my friends, come on a magical shoe journey with me. Come into the closet and enter SHOE NARNIA. No half-man, half-goats here. Just shoes. Just right. Outback Steakhouse. Wait, what. Okay. here we go, guys.

Riders in the Sky Leather Boots ($70 by

Nasty Gal

Booties! These booties will take you from winter into spring seamlessly which is good when you’re feeling lazy about changing things up between seasons. You can wear them with tights while there’s still a chill in the air and go tights-less in the springtime when the weather warms up without worrying about frostbite. Also, my toes are really messed up from playing soccer so I like that they cover my weird feet.

ASOS MEADOW Flat Shoes ($43 on


Shiny! I’m a shoe magpie and I’m attracted to sparkly and metallic footwear. In addition to their blinding shininess, I like these shoes because sometimes you don’t have a mirror handy and you need to check to see if your lipstick is wrecked or not.

ASOS FOXTROT Leather Tassel Sandals ($38 on


These are just super cute and fun and I love them. Tassels are the best. I don’t like shoes that you just slide into with no ankle strep because I always manage to somehow kick them off into the air.

ASOS FOR YOU Jelly Gladiator Sandals ($21 on


Sure, when I see this picture, all I can really see are my blisters of yesteryear but there was a reason I endured all those blisters, look how cute and sparkly they are. Sparkles galore. Because my five-year-old fashion sensibilities never went away. Lisa Frank, this one’s for you.

Steve Madden Estoria Ankle Strap Sandal ($99.95 on


Simple, cute and you can walk in them. Checks all the boxes.

Josephien Wedge by Michael Kors ($149.90 on


Aw yeah, it’s time to show off your pedicure. Even if you have weird toes like me, wearing these shoes will be worth the embarrassment.

Nike ‘Roshe Run’ Sneaker ($85 on


They scream SPRING but also, CROSSFIT.

Adidas Pure Boost x Shoes ($120 by Adidas)


I’m a sucker for dusty blue and pink/red combos. You need to look good at the gym. Okay, you don’t but I like to think that attractive workout apparel makes me faster or something. Just let me live in my lies.

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