SOLO WEEK: Recap of Day 2

Michelle: Okay, guys. I have to confess: I didn’t actually do any solo activities yesterday. In my defense, I was busy. I woke up, jumped on the computer to get some work done in the morning, went to the gym for a training session, went to my office and then had to immediately go to a soccer game after work. By the time my game was done at 10pm, I was exhausted and chose to sleep instead of go to a bar which was what was originally planned.

I mean, I guess I had a solo day if you count me playing as the only girl on the coed soccer team. We were supposed to have two girls play but the other girl didn’t show up, leaving me the only girl and the team a man down.

Also, I decided to interview Vivian about her solo movie experience:

M: What movie did you see and why did you choose it?

V: Um well by the time I left the office and finished up at the gym,  the only showing left at the theater by my place was the The Forest so I went with that. Having heard about the controversy over the glamorization of the Suicide Forest and dealt with the stigma of depression in Asian culture firsthand, I have to admit I was pretty reluctant to see this movie.

M: At any point, were you self-conscious? Did anybody laugh at you and/or throw popcorn on your person?

V: I don’t think I would’ve been self-conscious if it weren’t for the judgmental eyes of the usher at the box office when I said “one for The Forest“. It was almost like he was thinking “oh, are you meeting a friend or something?”. It was also $6 movie night at the theater I went to so it was pretty packed, I don’t think anyone really noticed I was by myself when I went in. Though I didn’t have popcorn thrown at me, I did wish I had bought some popcorn to throw at the obnoxious teenage boys trying to capitalize on the movie’s jump scares.

M: Did you enjoy your solo experience?

V: Yeah it wasn’t too bad. I got to be there early enough for the previews, which is the best part of going to the movies aside from watching the movie itself. I don’t consider myself a movie buff by any means but I do get pretty engrossed in films and don’t generally like talking or eating so it was nice. Plus no one pawned off their popcorn to me so bikini bod here I come.

M: Would you go to a movie alone again? 

V: Sure. I think I would be fine with going to the movies alone, especially if it’s a movie I really want to see and no one else does.



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