SOLO WEEK: Days 4 & 5 Recap

Michelle: On Day 4 I went on a spontaneous trip to LA but not solo so I guess Day 4 was a wash in terms of experimenting. I biked up to the Griffith Observatory with my boyfriend and took in the panoramas of Los Angeles and watched the sunset (also known as the smogset). Then we went to some fun bars and played a giant game of shuffleboard (I lost).


The only time I was left alone was when my boyfriend went to the bathroom if that counts. (It doesn’t count, Michelle, give it up.) Approximated 2-3 minutes of solo time. Good job, me! #independentwoman

On Day 5, however, I took the solo challenge to the extreme (for me) and went to a concert by myself. I spent all of Friday completely dreading going to the concert and kept thinking of various excuses so that I wouldn’t actually have to go. I knew I would hate myself if I didn’t actually go through with it so I put on my big girl pants (acid washed jeans, what else?) and started to pregame to shake off the cycle of negative thoughts.

Below is a picture of me pregaming with a thousand-year-stare of existential dread and paranoia.


After pregaming, I reluctantly put together some weird outfit that consisted of a grey crop top, the aforementioned jeans, and black boots. I specifically tried to tamp down on my impulse to wear things that tend to make me look like 1) a vampire, 2) a witch, 3) goth or 4) a combination of the three.

In normal speak, this meant I was not allowed to wear super dark lipstick with pin straight hair and a ridiculous cat eye as I am wont to do. And I wasn’t going to let myself wear all black (I really went big, I chose grey as the alternative). I also avoided wearing shorts with black lace stockings which is also weirdly a staple for me. And I didn’t allow myself to wear my ass-kicking high heeled lace up boots. I tried to make myself look as approachable as possible. I didn’t want my clothes scaring people off.

During the 30 minute drive to the venue, the Uber driver seemed in general baffled and entertained by the idea of me going to a concert by myself but told me it would be easy because I was a lady. Thanks, Uber driver! But really, he did a good job of pumping me up before I went in. And as I was explaining what I was doing and the purpose of the experiment, I was able to laugh at myself for my nervousness. Thanks, cider!

I had a few drinks once I got to the venue and talked to people while listening to the music. It was surprisingly relaxing not having to worry about the presence of other people. I was able to float around and mingle with whomever. The weirdest part for me as a person who likes to dance was not wanting to dance.

Mostly because despite the fact that there was a DJ and dance music playing, there were only people dancing on the perimeters of the venue with a giant gaping hole in the center. If I was really feeling confident, I would have waltzed into the center and danced but I did not do that. I relied on the safety of the bar and nearness to alcohol. The bar acted as my security blanket and I held on for dear life. I felt like it was an easy place to talk to people since there is a constant rotation of people trying to get their drink on.

Overall, I think if I went to a concert by myself again I probably wouldn’t go to a dancey one by myself. Even with alcohol, it is pretty hard to get out there and just dance by yourself. If anything, I could see myself attending a more relaxed show where there was acoustic music.

Vivian: Day 4 was a packed day for me so I took advantage of an open to get my solo week activity done. Since pretty much nothing is open in the mornings, it looked like I was left with only one option: BRUNCH.

Like any good How I Met Your Mother fan, I know that brunch is not meant to be done alone. So if you’re wary about looking like Marshall lamenting over his newfound single life and lack of gal pals, then I think I may have figured out a couple tips to help you look less lonely.

Tip #1: Don’t go on peak days/times. Since it was a Thursday morning and most people were at work, the brunch crowd was pretty tame. By avoiding peak days/times like Sundays at 11:00, you miss out on large jeering crowds.

Tip #2: Go somewhere more hole in the wall. There are no shortages of brunch hot spots in San Diego. But rather than hitting up the cafe featured on Thrillist for “crazy awesome Bloody Mary’s”, I opted for a small French cafe (with rave reviews) in the heart of the LGBT community.

Tip #3: Don’t be boozin’. Let’s face it, day drinking is one of the best parts about brunch. But you’re trying to avoid judgment from others, it’s best you save the bottomless mimosas for when you’re not dining alone. Me? I opted for some good French coffee and escargot, because when in a French cafe…


Instagram-worthy shot of my noms cause if you didn’t take a picture, did you really eat it?

I was struggling Day 5 partly from an oncoming sickness and partly from being hungover. But I made a plan and I was sticking to it. Since I was spending the rest of my weekend in Anaheim for a girls weekend, I headed up early to ensure maximum solitude.

The perks of being an Annual Passholder is that I can go to Disneyland whenever I want. Walking into the park by my lonesome felt strange, but oddly refreshing. I didn’t hit up any rides, but I did have a good time taking a stroll and people watching.

IMG_1206 IMG_2147

Alas, 11:00 a.m. rolled around and so did my friend Julie. So we spent the rest of the morning/afternoon boozin’ at California Adventure, testing out churro/beer pairings. We also saw a preggy Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas being the world’s hottest DILF. All in all, the day was a win.

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