SOLO WEEK: Day 3 Recap

Michelle: Yesterday, I went to go see Anomalisa. Overall, it was a pleasant experience despite the fact that I went up to the ticket office and for the life of me, I couldn’t pronounce the title of the film properly. It was basically the scene with the baby sea creature in Finding Nemo who can’t say “sea anemone”. After the ticket person translated my poor language skills and gave me my ticket, I sat myself down in middle of the theater row with bated breath.

As people showed up, nobody dared to sit in my row. It was contaminated by my single person viewership (nah, it’s more likely people just wanted their own rows too since there were so few people who actually turned up for the movie). People filled in behind and in front of me and I caught smatterings of everyone’s conversations. Nobody seemed to be saying “who is that weird girl by herself” but I couldn’t hear everything so maybe that escaped me.

The movie itself was just okay. I didn’t like the story but the visuals were at least interesting since it was stop-motion puppets. I hated the main character. I hated the entire idea of this guy’s nervous breakdown and his selfishness. I felt no sympathy for him and really wanted him to have his comeuppance at the end instead of getting a happy ending. I was pleased that the film ended on a downer note because fuck that guy.

I would definitely go see a movie alone again – it was a nice solo experience where I could just relax and be by myself. I hope that I choose a better movie next time. As much as I enjoyed a 20 minute scene of puppet intercourse.

Vivian:  Yesterday was kind of a crazy day. So rather than having a full sit down dinner by myself, I opted for takeout at a full sit-down restaurant (still counts right?). I went to a Thai place by my place which was a little more upscale than casual. Since I didn’t call beforehand, I had to wait for a menu, which took 20 minutes for some odd reason and I stood there in my sweaty gym clothes while everyone else seemed to be having a date night (awk). The hostess didn’t even bother asking me if I wanted a table, which was presumptuous of her but I guess I wasn’t dressed for the occasion. Got myself some pad Thai and took it home to chow down while I caught up on Jessica Jones. Overall the food was 8.5/10 while my restaurant experience was probably 6.5/10 awkward turtles.

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