SOLO WEEK: Day 1 Recap

Michelle: So yesterday was definitely a softball day in terms of scariness. I just went to a local gluten free brewery to hang out for an hour. I journaled a bit during my first fifteen minutes or so:

“Well, there is literally nobody here so that eases any sort of self-conscious feelings because who the fuck cares when nobody is here to look at you anyway.

It is definitely weird not being able to look at my phone because that’s been a major safety net. I use my phone as a way to disconnect from what’s happening around me. And bury myself in it to get lost in something – anything – that isn’t my current surroundings if I am by myself.

Being by myself here, without the distraction of my phone or friends, I feel more in tuned with what’s going on around me and I’m way into tasting all the different flavors of the beer I’m drinking.

I guess if I really wanted to test myself I would have gone somewhere crowded and hip where people would throw beer cans at me and stick post-its with “kick me” on my back. But, this is a good introduction to hangin’ solo.

The more I sit here, the more I realize I should probably just hang out by myself more often. What, exactly, am I so scared of? My thoughts? And being totally by myself?

I’m really enjoying it, it’s nice. It’s quiet. I have the tiniest of tiny buzzes going. I am relaxed. This is good. ”

After journaling for a little bit and sitting at the bar observing a couple and listening to a beer nerd brag about the whales he’s had, I talked to the bartender for a while and we bitched about various things that were on our minds. It was a great bonding moment. Nothing brings people closer together than complaining about things.

All in all, a good experience. One I plan on doing a lot more often.

Vivian: Day one of this solo journey was a #success, mostly because solo concerts are my jam. In the past year, I found that it’s way easier to go to concerts by yourself rather than coordinate with a big group. For one, I get to pick and choose which concerts I want to go to, when I want to get there and where I wanna stand (front and center) if it’s GA. Also, I don’t have to worry about being accountable for anyone else.

Prior to the concert, I stagged it to a private listening party with the artist, Granger Smith, where we listened to some songs off of his up coming album. And by listen to some songs, I mean we literally sat there listening to the songs with him which was both cool and awkward.

Once the concert started, I got lost in the music as one does. Having seen his show before, I snuck out a few minutes before it ended to beat the traffic, which I couldn’t have done if I had gone with friends who were seeing him for the first time. All in all, day one is chalked up as a win.

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