Skirt Collective Spring Cleaning: Day 5 with Raw Recipes

We’ve reached the half way point! I repeat, we have reached the halfway point. Ladies and gentlemen and all y’all on the gender spectrum, day five is upon us. Below you will find what may be confused for art but is actually delicious, edible and raw food. If you’re just entering the discussion, make sure to visit our past recipes in the raw food challenge link to the left of the screen and see how creative you can get with a buncha veggies, fruits and nuts.


Pitaya Bowl


Raw Food Recipes


Chipotle Salad




Curry Noodles



Anja Jerkovic

Anja Jerkovic

Anja Jerkovic is enjoying her 25th journey around the sun with the help of friends, family, dogs and cinnamon rolls.

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