The Single Stigma: Defining Myself Outside of My Relationships

 In the past 100 years, the world of relationships has grown leaps and bounds. In many countries, women can marry women, and men can marry men, in many parts of the world, interracial couples are nothing to turn heads at, and the definition of the nuclear family is constantly evolving. This is all good news that shows what knowledge and enlightenment can do for a generation, and yet, there is still one category of people that many can’t wrap their heads around…the men and women who don’t mind being single.

I’m teetering on the balance beam of mid and late twenties, (closer to the ‘late’ than I’d like to admit). I still feel as young as I did when I entered my twenties (give or take a few more hours of hangover recovery time) and yet I’m starting to notice that the people around me don’t see me that way anymore.

“Being young and single is only fun for so long,” a statement that comes up all too often in our everyday lives. People I hear this from most often have all been in relationships for longer than I can remember. If that’s the case, then how do they know what being single is like?

Lately, I’ve been feeling the “sting of the stigma”. Every time I see the pseudo-sympathetic face of one of my tied down friends, it still takes me by surprise.

 My “Single Girl” status doesn’t define me. I define myself as a fun loving, hard working person who takes life as it comes and makes the best out of any situation. If you can’t define yourself without another person, then what’s the point?

Is it fair for me to lump all couples together in the belief that being single is a negative? Probably not, but in my experience, it seems that more often than not, people in relationships (regardless of if they’re in a good or bad relationship) have a hard time remembering the perks of being single.

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