SC Challenge Early AM Workout: Day 4

By now you should know the drill. It’s Day 4 of our SC Challenge week and we are OVER IT. Click these links to see how we fared on day 1, day 2, day 3 and our expectations coming into this SC challenge.

Michelle: Day 4 and everything is still horrible. This morning was even worse than usual because my boyfriend was getting back from work just as I was getting up and kept commenting on how warm the bed was and how sleeping was great. It made for a very demotivational morning. So, I was thirty minutes late getting to the gym but hey, I still got there. I put in a solid thirty minutes of cardio while trying not to fall off in a state of delirium. Although I did in fact go to bed early last night, I did not manage to stay asleep which is a crucial part of the whole sleep thing. So, here I am Day 4, wishing that the cold hands of death will take me away to a dreamless slumber forever.

Vivian: It’s been almost a week and I expected to be way less tired by now but nope. When my alarm went off this morning I still held on to the comforts of my warm bed, trying to make every last second count. My workout was fairly uneventful and since I learned to be in bed before 10, I was much less clumsy today and haven’t hurt myself (yet). I did learn two things today, however. Number 1: I can’t do chin ups not because I have zero upper body strength (I probably have like 20%), but because my arms are hyperextended. Every time I try to box out, my elbows turn in, making it impossible to pull myself up. Number 2: it takes 21 days to form a habit. This explains why we’re still tired on our fourth challenge day but doesn’t explain why it’s so easy to get jet-lagged. When I proposed we extend this challenge the full 21 days to see if it really does work, Michelle gave me a big fat NO so I guess we won’t be doing that.

One more day! One more day!


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