SC Challenge Early AM Workout: Day 3

On the third day of our early morning workout challenge, we got a little dumber. Click these links to see how we fared on day 1, day 2 and our expectations coming into this SC challenge.

I rallied for Day 3 and got my ass out of bed and into the gym by 6 am. Even though I’m pretty sure I got even less sleep than Day 1. I knew I was tired because my brain was having some serious lag time all day. The thirty minutes I spent on the elliptical were spent wishing for death. With each step on the elliptical, the words “WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY” were whispered.

When I got off the dreaded machine, I spent approximately five seconds stretching. I really, really worked mysel, guys.

I noticed that the rest of the day, I heavily relied on sugar to keep a pep in my step even after a nap. A quick rundown of my binge: gluten free, dairy free Oreo dupes (they are better than they sound, okay), dried chili mangoes from Trader Joes, chocolate covered almonds, and truffles I found in the work kitchen. I am basically running off caffeine and sugar. I haven’t crashed yet but I know it’s coming. Oh, it’s coming.

I hope tonight I will be smart and go to sleep at a normal time like a normal person. I was instructed by Vivian that I have to look cute at the office tomorrow so maybe that will give me the motivation I need to really get some shut eye and be bright and bushy-tailed.


Vivian: In the interest of full disclosure, I feel obliged to tell you guys that I did not end up doing cardio last night, but did end up ordering pizza so that’s basically the same thing right? I also managed to stay awake till 10:30/11:00 binge watching TV, which I instantly regretted in the morning as the loss of those few hours seem to have inhibited my motor skills.

5:30 a.m. – I was up, I was ready. I started off the day by running straight into the doorway and hitting my funny bone. Then as I made my way out, a giant spider decided to fall off the ledge outside right in the middle of the doorway. I was so tired, I decided to wait for it to leave as it was slowly pulling itself back up the door anyways but then Mr. Spidey here decided to take a million breaks. So here I was, up at the crack of dawn, watching a spider climb up its web. When he finally reached the top, he decided not to pull himself over the ledge, making me question whether or not I should close the door, due to the possibility of crushing him. Eventually he made it over and I made it to the gym. Moral of the story: that spider needs to spend less time on the ledge of my door and more time at the gym.

As the texts above show, my inability to function got worse when I got to the gym. First, I get to the lockers, see a lock on one of them and tried to open it to put my stuff in there. It took a good few minutes before I stopped trying to pick some poor old lady’s lock (good thing no one was around). Then after doing some warm ups, I walked straight into a stationary bike, hitting my knee. The guy on the bike beside it definitely noticed and gave me a strange look.

The day got better as it went on since I over-fueled myself with caffeine and did some retail therapy as a reward for all this fitness. Here’s to hoping tomorrow will be kinder.


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