On Being in the Spotlight: An Interview with Actress Nina Millin

Afew months back, I found myself flipping through channels in the middle of the night and landed on The Golden Girls. I half watched as Blanche made sexual innuendos and Dorothy picked on Rose while simultaneously scrolling through my Instagram feed, distracting my brain so I could meander my way to sleep, when a familiar voice filled the room. It was a contemporary of mine from William & Mary days, Nina Millin, and she was starring in a Big Lots commercial. And, she was hilarious! Nina’s been popping up in my feeds a lot lately. Between her brainchild, The Beyoncélogues, going viral and her appearances on the Queen Latifah Show, she’s everywhere. It’s been really fun to watch someone as talented as Nina spend so much time in the spotlight. I thought it would be wise to get in an interview with her before she’s as big as Bey.

You’re an incredible actress. I’ve always known that. From plays at the College of William & Mary to Circle in the Square in Manhattan to seeing you when I turn on my TV, it’s been a pleasure to watch you succeed. So many actors I know have given up over the years. When did you first know you wanted to act? What’s kept you dedicated to your craft?

You’re so kind, thank you Zoe. I must say I am so fortunate and have always had tremendous support from my family and friends. That support is immeasurable. That support is something that helps me stay on my path and dedicated to my craft on the days it feels exhausting or insurmountable-which, let’s face it, when you’re an artist it can sometimes feel that way. I’ve loved acting since I was a kid. My parents love the theatre and movies and exposed my sister and me to the arts for as long as I can remember. There is a production of Cinderella I remember seeing when I was maybe five years old where The Prince roamed around in the audience trying the glass slipper on the feet of different kids in the audience looking for Cinderella. When he came near me I felt like I was part of the play and I distinctly, to this day, remember the electricity of that moment. It was nothing short of magic. Pure magic. I’m pretty sure it was that day in that theatre with that actor that the spark was lit for me.

Zoe Wilder

Zoe Wilder

Zoe Wilder is an artist with a BA in English Literature and a Master of Social Work. Building off her background as a professional model and dancer, she is co-founder of SpinSpinNYC, a Brooklyn based indie record label and event production company. Her modeling work is featured in magazines and among numerous art gallery installations while she adorns the covers of multiple music albums and literary books. Her style is “Provocative” and “Classic” and she continues to reinvent her form regularly.

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