What Do The Cards Have In Store For You This New Year? | The Tarot Whisperer


Card: The Star

If I were to give you one word for this month, Aries, it would be: Renewal. Sure, it’s a new year for all of us, but the Star indicates a particularly strong sense of spiritual or cosmic revitalization. During January’s full moon on the 4th — and throughout the rest of the first month of the year — I encourage you to take stock of how you are situated in the universe. It’s a good time for meditation, for making plans, for understanding, for doing the things that nurture you and make you feel warm.


Card: Strength

The frantic, frenzied pace of the holiday season seems to be holding steady into your new year, Taurus, doing its damnedest to deplete you of your physical, mental, and emotional reserves. But now isn’t the time to slow your pace, not until January 20th’s new moon. No, instead, keep going full tilt, looking inward every once in a while to remind yourself that you have the inner fortitude to persevere. The demands on you may be personal, romantic, professional — regardless, they need tending to, and you’ve got the strength to handle it.


Card: Three of Pentacles, Reversed

This month brings you a series of manageable annoyances: lost car keys, lateness, dropped calls. Be mindful of how a string of everyday infelicities can seep into your mood and impact your communication. The Three of Pentacles, reversed as it is, cautions you to be particularly mindful of professional communication, and teamwork with colleagues. It indicates a breakdown of cooperation, so now might be a good time to restructure that team. Or simply hunker down and expect some turbulence through January 20th’s new moon.

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