Let’s Stop Putting Caitlyn Jenner on a Pedestal

Caitlyn Jenner went through gender reassignment surgery last year and came out as trans. It was a brave step to take in a society where trans people are one of the most vulnerable minority populations. However, despite her position as one of the most visible mainstream trans celebrities, she still has pretty backwards views of the LGBT community and is staunchly a conservative Republican – despite the fact that most conservative Republicans run on “family values” platforms that definitely do not include trans people. Trans people are not part of the ideal America that many conservative Republicans envision.

So, it turns out Caitlyn Jenner is the not the hero we wanted. She’s a rich hypocrite who is totally delusional about her own party. Not just a little bit, either. She’s completely out of touch with the values and platforms of most conservative Republicans. Or, she’s willfully ignorant. Either way, it’s not a great look.

I guess when morals get in between you and your money, you choose money every time.

The Advocate recently published a profile on Caitlyn in which she said she would be interested in being Ted Cruz’s ‘trans ambassador’. And she wasn’t joking.

Jenner was also recently asked which of the Republican Presidential candidates would be most supportive of the trans community. And she said: “All of ’em… None of the Republicans [say], ‘Oh, I hate trans people,’ or ‘I hate gays.’ Nothing like that. They do more, ‘I want a thriving economy so every trans person has a job.” Oh, yes. It’s not likely Republicans often literally LEGISLATE against trans and other members of the LGBT community. It’s not as if Republicans regularly introduce bills disallowing trans students from using the gendered bathroom they identify with or introduce bills that make discrimination against sexual identity illegal but leave out discrimination against gender identity.

Caitlyn Jenner may be a woman now, but that doesn’t mean she’s an awesome person or a role model in other aspects of life. She’s human, sure. Beyond that, she’s a real jerk.




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