Kendall and Kylie Jenner Released Their Own Nasty Gal Collection, It’s Uh…

Kendall and Kylie Jenner have been busily dominating their world with their beauty sites, modeling, appropriating black culture, selling lip kits, and now, they’re releasing a collection for Nasty Gal.

Overall, it’s a weird collection. There’s SO much gingham and it’s all too country-girl-goes-through-a-rebellious-phase for me. I can’t imagine any way to make the gingham trousers more aesthetically pleasing. They are just flat out hideous.

Check em out below:


The top that goes along with the trousers is slightly less offensive – I’d even go as far to say I kind of like it. I feel like you could easily tone down the “artsiness” of the top with black skinny jeans. I like that it’s architectural but works with the pattern. The pants though? Again, no.

The shoes in the collection are kinda blah for me. I mean, I get it. Lace up, strappy heels are in and they’re super sexy. But I’ve seen all of their shoes before, a million times – and done better.


The white jumpsuit I feel is the most redeeming part of the collection. It’s interesting and different. I have no idea where you’d wear it but it’s the type of piece that you’d FIND a place to wear it because it’s that cool. And it’s not the try hard type of cool, it just is cool. I accept that even though I am not cool. However, for $298… er I have no excuse to buy this. I like looking at it though.


A $226 gingham skirt? No. Lame. And more copycat shoes.


They ended their collection with this ice skater dress. It’s fine I guess. I’m not impressed. Which is basically my general takeaway from this collection.

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