It’s Not “All About That Bass” Because I’m A Size 000 And I Do Exist

Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” has been playing on the radio non-stop for months now. Trainor has been relaying the message to millions: “If you have ‘booty,’ be proud of it.” At face value, the song can be praised; there is widespread appreciation for those girls with a bit extra going on. It’s no news that society’s current ideal of beauty is fit and thin (maybe a “stick-figure, silicone Barbie doll”), and those who “ain’t no size two” are perceived as inferior to those who are.


But lately, the song has been criticized for its underlying anti-feminist messages with the lyrics “bringing booty back / Go ahead and tell them skinny bitches that / No, I’m just playing I know you think you’re fat,” and “You know I won’t be no stick-figure, silicone Barbie doll.” Trainor appears to be implying that those without the “boom boom” are “skinny bitches” and that those girls must have a distorted body image. That is a horrible stereotype and potentially offensive to the mental health community when we consider conditions related to body image such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, body-dysmorphic disorder, and binge-eating disorder.

 The particular line that irritates me is this: “I see the magazines working that Photoshop / We know that shit ain’t real / Come on now, make it stop.”


It’s comforting and trendy to denounce the use of Photoshop in media. We all know that the celebrities and models we see in magazines are not actually that particular skin tone, their cheekbones are not that high, and their stomachs are not that flat. What we see in the media are products that have literally been sculpted for an industry to make money. But with that knowledge and Trainor’s complaint that this Photoshop “shit ain’t real,” we actually believe that size twos don’t exist, that they’re a construction of the fashion industry. That’s absolutely false. Yes, there are downsides (both in terms of body image and gender expectations) to labeling women with numbers and encouraging them to literally and figuratively aspire to be a size zero, a figurative nothing. But this attitude that smaller girls are inferior comes as a disadvantage to people like me.

Until recently, I had not bought a single pair of well-fitting jeans in over four years. At 20 years old, I am currently 5 feet tall and 85 pounds. Aeropostale is a store at which mostly middle-school and high-school age people shop. I have never fit in their jeans well. There’s six inches of extra fabric at my ankles and a two inch gap between my legs in size 00 pants. This was in high school. Imagine my excitement when they started making size 000 pants three years later, but there was the same two inch gap. Imagine my frustration. In high school, I was less than less than the figurative nothing and now in college, I am less than less than less than the figurative nothing. Thanks to this vanity sizing, I’ve always had difficulty wearing clothes.

 Meghan Trainor is saying that any size two figure you see doesn’t actually exist. But here I am, and there are plenty of other girls in the same boat as me (a lot of us probably fit in this size 000 boat), that apparently really don’t exist. I’m 99% sure Trainor doesn’t mean to offend anyone. She just wanted larger body types to get some love too. But it’s an annoyance to hear on the radio every day that you’re not real, you’re fake and not worthy of being with boys because you don’t have “a little more booty to hold at night.”

It’s easy to dismiss skinny girls as having a perfect life simply because they fit a beauty ideal. But we have problems too: pants sag, bracelets slip off my wrists, my feet are too thin for slip-on shoes, and people are denying my existence on widespread media. Trainor says “Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top,” but let’s not forget those who have a few less inches.

Alicia Lalicon

Alicia Lalicon

Reading to learn. Learning to live. Living to wear black.

  1. I think this song is to help build confidence in women who are bigger than a size 2. Thicker women get put down and called fat on a daily basis. I know we all deal with our own insecurities and my best friend is 33 and a size 16 little girls. And she struggles with it everyday. I don’t think Trainor is calling all size 2’s fake. It was a play on words, as to say to bigger girls, “quit comparing yourself to magazine pics. Those are not real”. I have always been a thicker girl with the “booty” but with that comes the hurtful stereotype. I think everyone is beautiful in there own way. And it is what you make of yourself who defines you not your body.

    1. Try being a male, 6’2, 135 lbs, with a ridiculously high metabolism your entire life. I have been skinny-shamed just as much as any one of my larger friends have been fat-shamed. I eat more than a lot of my friends yet the phrases “you need to eat a sandwich” and “we need to put some meat on them bones” are a constant reminder to me that society views me as lesser of a person because of a genetic predisposition that I have no control over. Skinny shaming IS real and it IS a problem.

      1. Hey I definitely share your pain. Try being short and skinny at the same time (I’m 5′-6 to 5′-7 and 125lbs). I have a high metabolism and eat like crazy but can’t gain anything. I’ve already been turned down because I was “not tall enough” (even though I was taller than she was), and she “felt like she could break me” because of how skinny I am, even though she was petite. Better believe I was pissed when I heard that.

    2. This girl has self esteem issues. I am a size 1 and I get what she meant by the song. She was talking about all women being proud of your body. Fat or skinny, she took the whole message out of context. Her song made me feel proud to be a skinny bitch.

    1. I understand it’s just a song, but songs are a very influential part of media and they have the potential to carry societal messages. “it’s a fucking song” could also be used to describe Hozier’s “Take Me to Church” about humanity and sexual orientation, or Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” about women’s empowerment. I felt “All About that Bass” had a societal message just like those songs.

      1. Alicia then you should be writing articles about the misogynistic lyrics of most rap songs. Get a grip. A once skinny young woman who is now an overweight menopausal woman. Young ladies stop focusing on body images and worry more about the larger picture of the lack of healthcare funding for women’s health issues, sexism, lack of equal pay, disparity in women’s upward movement in corporations, lack of attention to maternity issues. Gads there are so many other, more important things to be “angry” about.

        1. I encourage you to voice your opinions about the issues you address as “more important things to be ‘angry’ about” in the form of articles submitted to this site. Those issues are very important and deserve attention. I wouldn’t mind and I’m sure you’d be proud if those articles garnered more attention than this one.

  2. Waaah Waaah Waaah. Quit complaining over something as stupid as a song. It wasn’t made to hurt you. How about you just come up with a song as a reply? Maybe it’ll be a hit and you’ll be able to start a clothing company for girls that can’t fit into 000 pants. I think the real point of the song is “nobody’s perfect, so just be happy with yourself”.

  3. You know what normal people do when clothes made by a certain brand don’t fit right? They don’t buy them, and unless they have a major body shape change they don’t bother with trying them on again. They don’t go online and whine about their inability to walk to another shop in the mall that might not fit the demographic they are cramming themselves into. Are you embarrassed to go out in public because of your size? Been heckled because of it? Had strangers voice their opinions of whatever you might put in your mouth where they can see? Has it been a decade since you last bought a bathing suit because you just can’t stand putting yourself on display and making all your flaws completely visible? Probably not. Honestly neither have I, but I’ve watched friends and family dealing with it my entire life. For every confident BBW you see there are probably a hundred wishing they knew her secret, how to be big and still feel you are beautiful and worthy of admiration. It bothers me, more than a little that you take what is meant to be something empowering for people with notoriously bad self-esteem and flip it around into something that hurts your feelings. It’s. Not. About. You. It wasn’t written for you. Ever heard of “Gaslighting”? Just like you can walk out of the shop that doesn’t make jeans for you, you can switch to another radio station if the song bugs you that much. I do it all the time.

    1. When I was rather tiny, I was harassed in public on many occasions about my “anorexia” including being followed by strangers into a restaurant restroom to make sure I didn’t throw up the meal I just ate.

      Fat shaming is wrong. Skinny shaming is wrong.

    2. I think what Alicia was getting at is that you don’t have to be a bigger size to have problems finding clothes that fit, or feeling insecure about yourself. I am tiny, too, I didn’t weigh more than 100 pounds until after college but one difference from Alicia is I’m six inches taller. When you grow up being so much smaller (or bigger) than what society says is normal, you begin to see it as a flaw. I HAVE been scared to go out in public because of my small size, in fact I went through a break in a class in middle school where the entire class chanted that I was anorexic, I certainly skipped the rest of that class. So, yea tiny women get heckled. I’ve had strangers voice their opinions of what I’m eating, I’ve had a hibachi grill chef give me the extras off the grill after serving everyone equal portions of the food he prepared for us. I used to only wear one pieces because a two piece’s extra fabric might make me look bigger around the middle. Then I would put on shorts so no one could see how poorly it fit. And for people who “wish they knew my secret,” my secret is that it’s in no control of my own, but it hurts pretty badly when a best friend who does suffer from an eating disorder confesses at a pool party that they are upset because they wish they could look like you. And the guilt of feeling like you caused her pain by your existence isn’t too fun, either. Now I happen to like the song. I think its fun, and I think its sad that Alicia is so troubled by the line “I know ya’ll think you’re fat,” that she doesn’t hear the next line where she says “but I’m here to tell ya: every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.” I think the song can be fun and empowering to all women. STOP WORRYING ABOUT COMPARING YOURSELF AND BE HAPPY. LOVE OTHERS. And when the song is over played and becomes obnoxious, change the station.

    3. Why, yes, yes all those things DID occur, thank you very much, says this former size 1 who is now TICKLED to be “just mildly” underweight for my height and who wonders how that has to garner a size large shirt (on A cup breasts…) I have been heckled about the food I put in my mouth (too much and this skinny girl must be bulimic and too little and I must be anorexic). Happened all the time (despite that I had been through nutritionists desperate to put weight on because, by God, I at least wanted to be HEALTHY). Heard comments like “girl, get a cheeseburger, girl eat a cake. Girl, you bones, boys don’t like bones, dogs do.” I have a hard time buying bathing suits. I would be very happy in a one piece because it would flatter me much better, but apparently, if you’re a size 3 (yep moving up), they don’t make one piece suits because we’re supposed to want to let our very little bits hang out there for the world in teeny tiny string bikinis.

      NEWSFLASH–depending on where you live (unless it’s New York, Hollywood, or Austin), they treat skinny people just as bad as they treat big people. If you know people who “get it,” then perhaps you can apply that and find some empathy.

      1. Happens in NY too, and to a (lesser) extent in SoCal too. I grew up in NY and now live in SoCal and yeah. This is not a fat or skinny shaming issue, it’s a body shaming issue.

        I’m not as thin as some other people talking about the harassment they’ve received, but I am pretty tiny and I’ve always gotten comments about what I choose to eat, or not, and how I look, etc. It was especially harrowing in highschool, and while the stuff I get now is less direct or overtly mean, it’s almost worse because it’s so subtly ingrained into EVERYONE.

        I get made fun of for trying to eat well (hint: just because thin people “Can” eat like crap doesn’t mean they should), I get crap for exercising regularly (thin is different from fit), and I get massive loads of hate for talking about how difficult it is to find clothes that I can afford.

        People are dicks, they are always going to knock on other people who they perceive as different, and we’re all in the same boat here so let’s all be friends.

    4. i actually was heckled for being so thin. People had interesting theories about why i was so thin (such as, I was shooting up or starving myself… yeah that must have been it). My ribs stuck out. there was only one store at the time that sold size 000. I’m not that thin now, however. I’ve always been very critical of my body until recently. There are still certain clothes I can’t wear for other fitting reasons now. I have been heckled and harrassed many, many times because of my appearance. People don’t always take me seriously. People have said things to me that they would never dare say to someone who looked like my brother.

      It seems like every “type” of appearance has it downsides. No one likes to hear that their “type” is not preferred by someone. its somewhat of a hit to the ego. I see both the author’s side and the arugment against it. I’ve been told that I didn’t have enough butt to be attractive. well guess what? i have no hips either. whatever. Everyone is made differently. What’s important is being healthy.

      1. its a little annoying to be told to “eat a sandwich.” gee.. thanks for the suggestion. I guess my past struggle with overeating in high school may contribute to sensitivity… It was a serious struggle. i had help.

      2. oh yeah, another theory was bolemia…thankfully people in general have outgrown those theories.. i’m also no longer a candidate…

  4. So after decades and perhsps centuries of a body type similar to yours being lauded as the definition of classical beauty and admiration; Where capitalism thrives not only to cater to similar body types like yours but guilts and systematically shame others that dont have your similar body type on many industrial levels; Where visual art and talents are predominately showcased by body types, again similar to yours; You want to now feel like a victim because of 1 song that may build some confidence in bigger people where once there was none? 1 song verses decades of worship! Where was this defensive “body shaming” stance when the target was for the most part, fat people.

    1. It wasn’t my intention to portray thinner girls as victims. I said in the article that the song was an ‘annoyance’ to me, personally. If others feel empowered by this song, I respect them for it. This article was my own interpretation of the lyrics. I think the song could have praised larger body types without denigrating (or even mentioning) thinner body types.

      1. I think you did a good job bringing up this topic, Alicia. It needs to be discussed. Don’t let big girls shame you for bringing it up. I think the topic is just really emotional for those of us who have been overweight our whole lives. But that’s no excuse to lash out at you personally. Big girls aren’t the only ones whose feelings have been hurt over body image issues. This kind of talk – ‘you have no right to have hurt feelings because my feelings have been hurt way more times than yours’ – doesn’t make sense to me. We women need to stick together and support each other… whatever size or body confidence level.

      2. Alicia should be more worried about getting on mental health medication than writing about Trainor. Skinny women have been revered by the fashion industry, hollywood and magazines for decades. Don’t pretend its a damn hardship to be skinny

        1. I don’t think my writing of one article is an indication of mental health condition. I also disagree with the idea that because just because Group A has been revered for a long time at the expense of Group B, the opposite can be justified. My ideal is that it won’t take the denigration of either group to support both groups. I admit it’s less of a hardship to be skinny. Larger women go through struggles I will likely never be able to fully understand. I don’t believe that fact discredits the existence of negative outcomes associated with being skinny.

    2. You have the decades part right, but centuries??? Back in the 1800’s, bigger women were seen as the beautiful ones who were admired. Paintings and even sculptures support this. She doesn’t want to feel like a victim, she IS a victim. Just like fat shaming exists, skin shaming exists as well it’s just not as prevalent as fat shaming. But, tell me this: how would you look it her if she was defending fat people??? Then it would be skinny privilege if she were do so. Clearly, you feel a certain way about skinny people. If you don’t think they have issues and it’s all roses and rainbows, perhaps you should educate yourself.

      Because it isn’t one song, it comes from her own personal experience, which she feels this song re-enforces.

  5. To the author of the article:
    Oh boohoohoo! What’s the matter? Fat chicks fighting back? lol. JK. I don’t mind the song, but your left-wing whine about it being anti-feminist is pathetic!

    And FYI, there’s someone for everyone. I’m a chubby chaser while my buddy likes the skinny chicks.

    1. I was thisclose to agreeing with you, until I saw that you were the one who decided to bring politics into a completely unrelated subject. There’s one in every bunch. Congratulations.

      1. hey sweetheart politics is life. Life is politics.are you for abortion or against abortion? That gives you a label on the political spectrum. Are you for gun control or are you pro 2nd amendment? Etc etc.. Conservatives stand for personal responsibility, liberals stand for blaming everybody else. once you grow up and have more experience in this world you will see what I am talking about. I stand by my remark. I notice you are pro gay. Which just justifies the fact that yeah as a liberal you whine.

        1. That is one of the most intelligent, articulate responses I’ve ever seen on one of these message boards. You have truly humbled me, sir. I bow to you and your bottomless well of knowledge and experience.

  6. I stumbled upon this article and thought it brings a lot of things up that no one seems to pay attention to. I was surprised to see that I actually know the author and went to school with her.

    The point she’s trying to make is that smaller girls are being shamed more than bigger girls. Everyone’s so focused on making the larger girls feel better that they’re putting down the thinner ones and no one cares. Songs have more of an impact than anyone realizes.

    1. Shut up I Have been super skinny and over weight and you have no clue what your saying, when I was skinny it never hurt my feelings to be called to skinny!!! Who in their right mind would be offended by that!! But now that I weigh more it hurts my feelings when everyone talks about my thick legs and bum!!! And say things like dang how did you manage to wear that or should you be eating that!!! The girl that wrote the article just wants to stir up unnecessary drama over a great song that helps Wonsan have confidence

      1. Can’t agree with you more.this is rediculous everyone has to complain about something and be a victim..if she wants to complain about a song complain about andaconda..they litterally say fcuk them skinny bitches..alla bout that bass is not a bad song

    2. You get shamed but they mostly jealous. Girls at work do that to me and do the same to my cousin. I hear comments like “Have you eaten today” or “You look like you starved yourself enough”. I take it with a grain of salt, long as my man loves my body, I am happy.

      1. the happiness in positivity of your body image should not be based on whether your man loves your body.

        it should be because YOU love your body.
        One of the many problems with body image issues is that it is often pushed to be based on whether someone else finds you sexually attractive.

    3. Hi Emily!
      Thanks for your comment. Everything you said was exactly what I was trying to say. I don’t want any single body shape to be shamed and that was my only annoyance with the song. It’s unnecessary to insult one body type at all, in order to successfully praise another.

    4. That is SO not even true. It’s usually always been fat folks, of anybody that isn’t whatever the hell the current desirable fashionable size is always being made fun of and always being made to feel that something is wrong with them or that they’re unattractive because they’re not some damn size 2 with skin hanging off their bones. Bottom line, society says that there is only ONE definition of size and beauty, and if we don’t fit it, there’s something wrong with those of us who don’t.
      Also, the song is not shaming skinny women at all—the author really took that one lyric all out of context. Smaller girls being shamed more than bigger girls? Where the heck are you getting that from? That is not even true, and you know it. Hell, I’ve been both fat and skinny, and I’ve done the losing weight, but at the same time I’ve learned that I need to accept myself and my body for who I am/what it is, rather than constantly trying to change it into what society claims it should be. Any woman over a size 8 will be made fun of a hell of a lot more than anyone who’s a size 4—let’s be real. I love the song, and it’s refreshing to hear,too..

    5. Were you saying the same thing when there was songs talking about the beauty of thin girls? Or the movies, tv shows, magazines, books, etc glorifying thin bodies? Or are you just now finding an issue with the fact that there’s an entire SONG about how bigger bodies are beautiful too?

    6. Jeez. I never saw the email about all the comments til now lol everyone needs to cam down. She wasn’t putting down bigger girls, just saying no one should shame anyone because of their body type

  7. It’s my opinion that she’s calling out those women who AREN’T a natural size XXS and going to ridiculous lengths to meet a standard society has deemed preferable these days. Just as her mother tells her there are men out there who like someone like her, there are men out there for you. You’re just 20 years old and haven’t figured out your individuality yet. But you will.

  8. One, I don’t think we should be shaming the author. Buying clothes is a bitch, we all know that. But i also feel like the “shaming” on “All About That Bass” is a trend and is being slammed because every body is doing it. One it’s a song, i’m not saying that songs can’t hurt and can’t bring out emotions. But does the song actually make you feel horrible about yourself every time you hear it? step one. For you it might. But most song lyrics are read in succession on purpose. So if you going to quote the “skinny bitches” line quote the whole stanza. And to me she’s also making a point not to just the bigger girls, but to “skinny” girls who do think their fat. I’m 28 and a large majority of the girls i know under a size 10, do think their fat if they are a size 4 or 6 or 8. So maybe she doesn’t word if the most politically correct way, but most woman have a little more extra something somewhere. Way more than society tells us we are suppose to have. And if this is the only popular song that “shames” skinny people, and so many popular songs out there from male artist from rap, to pop, to rock to country (a lot in rap and country) describes physically what a woman is “suppose” to look like, which is more than just not being the stereo typical “skinny”. Why aren’t we calling out those? Why aren’t you post songs about people who talk about women as object or sex toys? or the songs that say you have to have the perfect luscion blond or brown hair, with the “white girl” booty that has to hang out of shorts and show off legs with no cellulite and all the girls picked are normally on the taller side? Why aren’t we fighting against those? Maybe this song really did offend you and hurt you to the core, if it did i’m sorry. But the majority of “love” given to “chubby” girls comes from other chubby girls or as the one person put it “chubby Chasers” which men get way more shit for liking chubby girls then i do for all the really skinny boys out there. And to me it sounds like being short is more of a problem then your size. And I guess you get treated like your a little kid because you naturally tiny. Which i’m assuming sucks. But this song doesn’t mention height. I guess what i’m trying to say if it really offended you say so and how it hurt you and why. Why aren’t we fighting the company’s that pick models and run ways? They are the ones saying you can’t because your short, and she can’t because her hair doesn’t have the natural blond look so it needs to be dyed, or she needs to be tan but that skin tone is too tan. And yes people know things are photo shopped. but it think people think it’s the way they do your senior pictures, not the extent when they change height and skin color, and everything about your size. And everything in the media is telling us we have to be that specific size 2. So isn’t there people out there who deserved to get their shit called out on them more than Megan?

  9. I get what the author is trying to say, but I didn’t really hear the song like that. I think she was trying to talk about the girls who believe skinny is the MOST BEAUTIFUL BODY IN THE WORLD. The stereotypical, mean, popular girls, I guess is what I’m trying to say.

  10. Jeez way to take a song that made girls with curves feel confident and accepted and sexy (which is unheard of) and tear it to shreds just because your to skinny and don’t have that bass like you wish you had!!! This song is amazing for saying that not all woman are skinny and real woman have curves and this is coming from a size 5 female and I’m sick of being called fat
    just cause I’m not a size 0

    1. If other women feel empowered by this song, I encourage them to enjoy it and embrace it. I am unaffected by others’ appreciation for the song.

      But the purpose of my article was to voice my interpretation of the song and my wish that praising one body type would not automatically mean denigrating another.

      Your comment can be taken as an example. You claim I’m tearing the song to shreds because I’m too skinny and don’t have that bass I wish I had. I believe you’re implying my own [skinny] body is not ideal and I should desire another ideal [curvy] type. This shames skinny bodies in lieu of curvy ones.

      I do wish I had more curves, you’re correct. But I disagree with the message that “real women have curves” because, not only is that statement transphobic, but it invalidates the attractiveness of all women who are not a single (curvy) body type.

      1. Calling oneself a Real Woman is now, “Transphobic” ? So stating a scientific, medical, nature-made fact that I was born with a vagina with monthly cramping menstruating ovaries. Breast that hurt when they were growing in the minute I turned 9yo. Pads, blood stains, cramps, tender breasts, mentruational odor; Menopause! All these realities, I now have to turn a blind eye to and ultimately redefine because of a small cross section of society of people who believe they are the opposite gender and pay money to transmorph into one? Interesting that a woman, yet again, has to take a back seat and feel inferior about her natural body because of the ideas and sentiments of a man. Made to feel inferior and now, an OPPRESSOR!
        Men are calling the shots, yet again!
        While I’m all for being who you want to be in life so you can live it to your fullest, I’ve noticed, it seems, that transgender politics is always at the expense of the female gender.
        Real woman = Pro Woman. Not Transphobia.

  11. I am a larger woman and I agree that putting down other women to make yourself feel better is not the answer. We really need to accept that women come in all shapes and sizes and that’s ok. One of the things that I think everyone is passing over is that a major theme of this song is your ok if your heavy because boys still like you. Talk about anti-feminist! Can we please stop validating ourselves based on whether or not we meet the criteria for being acceptable for mens’ enjoyment?

    1. I agree with this. Although I like the song, find it catchy, there are a few lyrics that disturb me. As has been mentioned in the comments already, it shouldn’t be necessary to criticise smaller women in order to make larger women feel better. Most importantly, I feel, with regard to this song- satisfaction with your body as a women should not depend on men’s reactions.

  12. Wow these comments are completely insane. All this writer is trying to do is bring attention to the that in order to make bigger girls feel good about their bodies, we are making skinny girls feel shame about theirs. That message is completely anti-feminist. Why can’t we appreciate and respect every single body type, from size 000 to size 28? Why do we need to put someone down to feel good about ourselves? That doesn’t sound like real confidence to me at all.

    And to touch on renee’s point below, don’t say that being called skinny is always a compliment. There are girls who have ridiculously fast metabolisms and very thin physiques naturally, who hear things like “eat a sandwich” or that they’re too skinny for any guy to want. No girl would be complimented by this, and if she is,… then more power to her I suppose. I grew up believing that I was too skinny to ever be sexy. This Meghan Trainor song only reaffirms those messages.

    1. Thank you for your comment. You hit all the points I was trying to make. I especially appreciated that you respectfully addressed girls who may feel validated by comments on their thinness by saying “No girl would be complimented by this, and if she is,… then more power to her I suppose.”

      I was also raised believing my thinness was a flaw and it’s comforting to know that I wasn’t alone.

    2. Thank you! I too, got horribly picked on for being skinny. I heard things from “doesn’t your mom ever feed you?” to “Your bones are flexing!” if I carried something heavier. That is inappropriate! We should be bringing each other up, not tearing each other down, regardless of heavy, thin, curvy, or flat.

    3. The author cherry picked verses from the song to make her point. One could easily cherry pick verses and write an article arguing the opposite thing the author is. The author did a totally shitty job of actually analyzing the song, and just picked the verses that would make her feel like everything she thought about the song was validated.

  13. I’m 33, 5’8 have two kids married and a size 00. I like the song and could care less. There are always going to be hater’ s NO matter what size YOU are. Don’t take everything so serious. It shouldn’t matter what other’s think; as long as you love yourself! It sounds like your trying to make a lawsuit out of this to get money…..Grow up!

    1. My intention with the article was to voice my opinion about what I called an ‘annoyance’ in the article. I enjoy the song as entertainment but I also felt I was free to express how I personally interpret the lyrics. The personal problems I described in the article were less about the song and more about the attitudes towards thinner women in general. This is how I felt and I understand I don’t speak for all women my size.

  14. Dont like the song or its “message?” Dont listen to it. The intent is pure and positive. Your self esteem issues will never be solved but jumping at every opportunity to blog about things (or songs) that make you feel bad about yourself. One day you will wake up and realize that you hold every ounce of power to determine how you feel about yourself and the world around you. “You” are the only thing that you can control. NOTHING ELSE. You cant control ANYTHING other people do or say or sing about, and a jab at another person (or in this case an artist or songwriter) may make you feel like you have accomplished something in the short term, but you really havent done much other than draw more attention to your own insecurities. So quit complaining and start working on what you can control- yourself. “all about that bass” and its message arent going anywhere. And neither will your complaining about it and other similar messages.

  15. My problem is the stigma attached to clothing sizing. And even though I am not skinny or tiny in the least, the thought of having to wear clothes labeled 000 just terrifies me. It seems to be saying that you are nothing. Zero is nothing, it’s the absence of something. It almost makes American women seem to be striving to be nothing. It’s irritating, it’s counter-intuitive and it’s demoralizing.

  16. Here’s the main point that everyone seems to be neglecting:
    Beauty is not a size. The author is beautiful. Melissa McCarthy (size 16+) is beautiful. Beauty is measured by how others perceive you. The song (while viewed as controversial) was not intended to skinny shame. It was INTENDED (whether it came across to you in this way or not) to promote girls ‘larger than a size 2’ in a media that popularizes thin women as the “ideal”. Bottom line- It shouldn’t matter if you are a size 000 or a size 18. You’re beautiful.

  17. Interesting analysis. However, your points are not logically sound, and I disagree with notions of anti-feminisim.

    First of all, the singer is not denouncing skinny girls. She has an audience! Who is the audience? Guys who only chase skinny girls! She says, “You know I won’t be no stick figure silicone Barbie doll / So if that’s what YOU’RE into then go ahead and move along.”

    Is there a problem with that? No! She is saying, “I am not XYZ. If you WANT XYZ, then look elsewhere, because I WILL NOT CHANGE MYSELF to become that.” That’s so admirable of her to say that! No one should change who they are for someone else. In essence, she is saying, “IF you want me, then choose me for ME.” NOTICE HER USE OF THE FIRST PERSON PRONOUN!!!

    She has more than one audience, of course. The other audience is the plethora of women who feel insecure about their bodies, and Meghan says, “But I’m here to tell ya / Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.” Still sounds admirable to me.

    Regarding your analysis on the photoshop part of the song, you are misconstruing the object (grammar-wise) of the sentence. “I see that magazine workin’ that Photoshop / We know that shit ain’t real / Come on now, make it stop.” She is NOT saying, as you mention, “any size two figure doesn’t actually exist.” She is saying that the EDITED PHOTOS are not REAL, meaning they are not ACTUAL IDENTICAL portrayal of the women they present. Look at the grammar and syntax! It is a stretch to say that she is even implying that unless you have more concrete evidence.

    Honestly, you are being too sensitive to your insecurities and are falsely construing, as a result, the message of the song. Word of advice: be aware of the grammar and syntax of a song to identify what EXACTLY is being said.

    Carlos Sirotnikov

    1. I think Carlos was pretty darn spot on. But I am honestly sorry Alicia that you struggle to find clothing that fits. As a plus size, I know the feeling. Except I think you might actually have it worse! And I’m sorry that you have suffered for being your natural size. No matter who you are, there is always someone out there criticizing you. Pick the woman you think is the most beautiful in the world and Google her. And you’ll find lots of people putting her down too. I’ve learned over the years that even though there are certain perks and privileges that come with being a thin woman, they don’t all have it perfect. Women shouldn’t have to put other women down to feel good about themselves. I think the song lyrics could have been a little less biased against thin women, and I am troubled by the line about boys wanting a little more booty to hold at night, but to be fair, she does say it’s what her mama said to make her feel better. But please try to understand that whatever harassment you have suffered, it’s doubtful that you have suffered as badly as the average overweight woman in the US. Not only do you fit just fine into air plane seats, no airline is going to kick you off the plane or demand you buy two seats, and no one is going to huff, puff, roll their eyes, and request a new seat when they find that you are seated next to them. No one is going to record you working out at the gym and up load it online with mooing sounds. Statistically speaking, with all other factors being equivalent, other than weight, if you and I were up for the same job, you are far more likely to get it. I could go on and on about the way overweight people, especially women, are treated and discriminated against.

      So it’s not exactly the best empowerment message, and yet, I do think that when Trainor sings “Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.” she’s talking about you too! I hope you will join the body acceptance/love movement and learn to love and appreciate yours.

      I also hope you will cut us big girls a break and let us have this one song. I mean, even Sir Mix Alot, the man with one of the most well known songs about big butts, wanted a girl with an “itty bitty waist”. At least Trainor isn’t trying to push some unrealistic image on us that few can ever live up to. <3

  18. okay the chick that is 000 if you don’t like the song listen to a different station listen to Pandora. See what i don’t get we have all these songs about skinny people and one chubby girl sings bout thick girl, now all the skinny people are pissed off, here’s and idea GET OVER IT. The world doesn’t go around you and you it hurts your feelings haha obvi you have never been big and you don’t understand. SO ONCE AGAIN GET OVER IT they are still gonna play the damn song there is nothing you can do bout it

  19. I have been in both positions and I think instead of bashing people or a song it is something that only you can get over. Hell I can’t even tell you what size I am because depending on the brand I can wear from a 5 to a 12 so what does it matter about the size? Nobody is perfect and if you take everything to heart then that is your own fault. Just be happy with who you are and don’t worry about what everyone else thinks or says. It’s all about confidence and nobody can give you that they may break your confidence but you have to learn to let it roll off your back and not let things bother you.

  20. im sorry i have no sympathy for skinny girls whinning that they are being made fun of or exculded because of this song.. or worse saying your fat when you are a size freaking 2..Im size 16 and i get looked down upon or loked over because im appearently too fat to be considered worth anything. I will not have skinny bitches taking away the one song that makes me feel good about myself..i swear..these skinny girls like to make everything about them.

    1. I don’t believe I’ve “taken the song away” from anyone who feels empowered by it. I stated my interpretation and I encourage others to either rethink how they interpret it, or (as you’ve done) continue to appreciate it. My article is just one girl’s thoughts and if it would better suit your life to disregard its existence, I welcome you to do so.

      1. You are trying to, though. You’re sitting here going “This song is horrible! It’s making thin girls feel bad about themselves! For shame!!!” Where’s your article criticizing Tv Shows, movies, books, magazines, and songs that fat shame women? Still wating for it.

  21. Maybe you need to listen to the song again….she isn’t bashing skinny girls….now about the size 2…..she clearly says… it’s pretty clear I ain’t no size 2, but I can shake it shake it, like I’m supposed to do, I got all the right junk in all the right places….I see them working that photo shop, you know that shit ain’t real, come on now make it stop….no where in that song does she say if your too skinny your ugly…..or less then perfect…..she’s basically saying just cause I’m not the stereo typical size 2 like the fashion world says you should be, doesn’t mean she is less then a woman that men should desire due to her size……
    I have been a size 0 and now I’m a size 14..and 5’7…and I feel no different now as I did then….it’s all about being comfortable in your own skin…..obviously you have a issue with your own self image and worth and should probably seek some counseling……I absolutely love that song, and so do my teenage daughters, my oldest girl is 16 and is a size 0 and 5ft tall…..and my other daughter is 14 and a size 6 and is 5’5 and neither of my girls think this song is bashing anyone…….like everyone else said
    It’s just a song…..built to empower all types of women……if you personally feel attacked then it’s your own self conscious eating away at you, and you should seek help, so you feel better about you…….

  22. first of all this song is not hateful towards skinny girls it even says in there how you are pretty no matter what your size..second of all you skinny bitches are whinning for no reason. This is a skinny world ..if you are skinny you are viewed as pretty and worthy of affectiona nd many fat girls get the guy in movies or comics??? Tell me a store where you can get cute and affordable clothes when you are over size 14?? Being plus sized sucks for us and i cant stand you skinny girls complaining when you are blessed with such boddies..just stop okay..stop

    1. Yes, thank you. The inconvenience or private feelings of shame just simply cannot compare to the PUBLIC SHAMING AND DISCRIMINATION that fat people face daily. To think this is in any way comparable is beyond ridiculous and immature.

  23. The point is, women shouldn’t make themselves feel better about their own body type by putting other body types down. It’s great to see media starting to celebrate curves, but do it without skinny shaming. There can’t be one standard that all women can fit. Celebrate body diversity without putting each other down. Note to the author: (Seriously) You should try a children’s boutique if you are too short and too slim for size 000. A size 14 kids might fit you perfect. No shame in that.

  24. I am someone who was picked on at made fun of every..single…day of my childhood and on into high school for being fat. So I guess you can say I do like this song, I just don’t like people finding “underlying” meanings that aren’t there. Example: He likes oranges. He must not like grapes or peaches…how dare he say he likes oranges and not everything else. She is writing about the crap she sees on tv and wants everyone to know that the glossy image of the “perfect” woman can be anyone who loves themselves…as far as anti-feminism…get with the program, everything is sexualized now-a-days INCLUDING “booty” sizes….most people in the world let their kids listen to Lady Gaga talk about sucking wiener and getting laid all the time but her saying “be proud of your booty” is anti-feminism? Get real please. You are perfect just the way you are, hell I’d give anything to be anywhere close to your size but I am PROUD to be who I am with my “bass”.

  25. At the age Meghan Trainor is now, I was a natural 105 lbs at 5’10” . I ate many sandwiches. I had hips but no boobs.. At that time I had to wear too loose size 8 jeans because that’s when they started offering almost long enough lengths. Sometimes I could get that in a size 5.

    Now they make long enough jeans and I’m a healthier 140 lbs at age 40. Childbirth and hormones have saved me from the skinny bitch identity. I couldn’t help the way my body was then. I try to eat healthy and exercise now. I still don’t have boobs. Those are pillows.

  26. Here’s something most people hadn’t thought of – parenting fat and skinny.

    My sister is skinny and I am fat. My mother is also fat. It never occurred to me the whole time we were growing up, and even now in our 40’s, that my sister might’ve felt left out. It was as if my mom felt like, because I was fat, that I needed more emotional support than my skinny sister. Any hurt feelings my mother had from being a 200 lb middle school kid made her more compassionate toward me, and less compassionate toward my sister. I’ve heard coworkers make fun of my sister for having a “flat butt” or “no butt”. People feel free to comment on what she’s eating because they can’t believe that she eats what she wants and stays thin. It finally occurred to me that those things are just as hurtful as comments about my butt or the food I’m eating. Either way it’s just plain wrong to comment on a person’s body. PERIOD. And you mothers out there who are fat – your skinny kids need just as much support and compassion as your fat ones. Don’t let your personal feelings about weight affect how you treat your kids.

    We’re all fragile about our own bodies and we all have body image issues. So now I make it a point not to comment on anybody’s body.

  27. Cry about it when every time you turn on the TV someone is making fun of fat women. I.E. Kill me if I ever bang a fatty. Or my current favorite – the CougarTown commercial about the fat lady singing with a fat woman stuffing her face like an animal. Not funny and super gross. You may get accused of having anorexia but it is much worse to be treated sub-human because of your metabolism.

    1. I meant cry about it when petite women are made fun of with that frequency. I am sure it is a total burden to be accused of being adorable.

  28. Just some advice if you have a fast metabolism, you can ask your doctor about “liquid calories” to help you gain weight. There is help for you. I had a friend who was always super skinny and she drank liquid calories to help manage her weight. It worked and helped her get to a healthy weight. If you have an eating disorder, you need help! I used to have an eating disorder in high school bc I was always teased about being fat. We all need to just love ourselves and be happy with the body God gave us.
    I however am plus size and have a medical condition that makes it hard for me to lose the weight. I have dieted and worked out, but I usually only lose 30 lbs. and then I plateau and start to slowly gain it back even though I continue to diet and work out. Even at the age of 30 I still get criticized for my size. It is also causing fertility issues. It is not that I am lazy and don’t try, but laziness is what caused me to gain so much weight and get the medical condition (PCOS). To be honest I think that now surgery is the only way I can get to a healthy weight and reverse my medical condition so I can live a normal life.
    This song has helped me to feel more confident in myself and I think it shares the wonderful message of be happy with who you are!

  29. What bothers me about the song is actually how she says that her mother told her not to worry about her size because “men like a little more booty to hold at night”.

    A mother telling her daughter to love herself simply because a man will want something sexual from her? Not good. Don’t base your worth on a man wanting to “hold your booty” or on what magazines or other media tell you – love your own body for your own reasons, from whatever size.

  30. I get you’re upset over what you perceive to be an insult towards you. In 8th grade my daughter was a 00, 5’1 and 71 lbs. She was constantly picked on for being anorexic during health class. She didn’t have breasts or curves, and shopping for clothes to fit her tiny frame that looked like everyone else’s was impossible. There were many days she didn’t want to go to school because she didn’t wake up looking like the other girls. She’s finally a size 5 and is so happy. She may be thin but as a emotional 15 yr old (as virtually every girl that age is) doesn’t even agree with your points.
    I’m 6’0 and a size 24. I have gotten nasty looks, snide comments when I eat out ANYWHERE, and questions on whether my “pretty, skinny” daughter is actually mine because I’m so big (as if I am less pretty because I am bigger). Clothes shopping is painful for me because literally nothing fits. I own 2 pairs of jeans because with two kids I can’t afford to buy more with what they cost. I don’t even get to buy cute boots at the store because they are made for smaller calves. I have lost track of the times I have cried at night because the constant influx of negativity over my size.
    “All About That Bass” is a song celebrating women that media tells are ugly or unattractive. I think perhaps you need to listen to all the lyrics rather than bits and pieces to make an informed point. Big or small, we all have our issues. Its just not fair to tear apart or discredit an artist because she does not market a song to you. I wish you all the best in your journey, I understand your plight. Please try to understand us bigger girls plight in return and perhaps you will see the good this song has done rather than just the annoyance it has caused you.

  31. Seriously? You’re offended by the one song that exists that 1) is not about skinny shaming 2) is about women who are bigger celebrating their curves 3) has one small comment about how most women aren’t size two. Let me get out my violin for you. I will have sympathy for you when you have to face the discrimination that bigger women face, which is in multiple media sources, and not just one song.

  32. This is truly ridiculous! I am a girl with a bigger booty and I cant find clothes to fit in either because my legs are small and butt is big. If you hate the underlying message do NOT listen to the song. This is the 21st century! SIZE DOES NOT MATTER! MEGHAN TRAINER IS ICONIC

    1. She’s already listened to the song, but her this isn’t about whether or not she likes the song, which she does, but rather, one of the problematic lines that re-enforces a behavior that isn’t widely discussed or believed to be an issue.

  33. Just read this…I’m a guy.

    Some idiot below said this “singer is not denouncing skinny girls”. She has the line “Skinny bitches” in the song lyrics. If there was a song that said anything with the lyrics “Fat bitches” (literally a direct opposite of her lyrics) it was would be a travesty.

    It reminds me of another delicate situation. People calling each other the N word all the time…then those same people claiming its the most insulting word in the world and speaking softly/professionally and trying to get someone fired. Both situations stress me out…the phrase/words “fat bitches”, “skinny bitches”, or the N word should never be used under any circumstances. That’s just how i feel…sorry if it was off topic but i thought it was relevant to this situation.

  34. I’m sorry I don’t want ta seem like an ass but where are ya livin!?! I have never seen anybody get picked on cause they were skinny. I’m sorta chubby so seein this made me wish I had those sorts a problems. I mean ya posted yer fealins and that’s fine I guess. I mean women can be cruel I don’t understand why but they are. I think we should stick together but ya know if other chicks don’t think so then whatever they can hang out alone. Any time I hear the song I smile a lil ta myself it kinda boost my confidence then I get cold slap a reality and I realize I’m not exactly the ‘ideal’ woman but I’m still happy. I don’t think Meghan Trainer was tryin ta say that there is no such thing as a size 2. I always just thought she was talkin bout all the random people who try ta photo shop but fail miserably. This probably wasn’t too helpful but whatever its just my opinion. All in all I think ya should just keep doin what yer doin and honestly who gives a shit what people think a yer body I mean yer a triple zero WTF. Be happy with yerself cause it’s just who ya are. I wasn’t tryin ta be an ass and I know I say a lot stuff over n over but I’m me. so yeah. The End.

    1. Just because you’ve never seen or experienced it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist; skinny shaming is real and is shameful.

  35. Your pants not fitting is not the same as systematic discrimination against people who are considered fat. This is ridiculous. Nobody thinks you don’t exist because you have to buy your clothes at Limited Too. But people do think you are more attractive, smarter, and competent than somebody who has extra weight. Try on negative stereotypes for size sometime and see how they compare.

  36. Up until 40, I had this problem all my life. I was always sized out of something. Also, it seemed that stores would order less clothing in XS and S, and a lot of Ms and Ls. The funny thing is, when you go to the sales rack, all you see left are Ms and Ls. Old Navy is the worst culprit, but this overstock of size Larges and under-ordering of sizes on the small spectrum pervade Anthropologie, Madewell, JCrew and many mid- to high-tier clothing lines.

    Well, one thing to do is to wait until middle age. What happens is that after children and a slowing of the good ol’ metabolism, you’ll finally find yourself getting into the 0 or (gasp!) 2 range. Of course, there is no justice, as the proportion and fit don’t look as correct, especially in the waist line. Sigh.

  37. I can see where you are coming from and your article does have valid points. My sis-in-law has been badgered her whole life for being “anorexic” due to her small bone structure and fast metabolism. We share stories of our antagonisms – mine for being big and hers for being small. However, I disagree with the Photoshop point. That sh*t is fake and I do think its harmful. She never says being a size 2 isn’t real – Photoshop isn’t real. I know plenty of size 2s. So many that I became bulemic for years in an attempt to be one. Because I saw that size portrayed literally everywhere and wasn’t old enough to really realize that it isn’t real how they portray women in advertising. Trainor never once says size 2s don’t exist. She says the exact opposite as, “I aint no size 2”. I think that part is completely in your head. While I don’t like her use of skinny b*tches, I can also understand it. She is not calling you a skinny b because you are skinny. She is calling out the girls who are skinny and act like b*tches toward bigger girls. Is the song perfect? No. Skinny shaming is just as real as fat shaming. But she’s not talking about you. She’s saying love your body, don’t believe Photoshop, and ignore the b*tches that tell you otherwise.

  38. Thank you for this article! What about buying boots that don’t have a huge gap between boot and calf? What about not being able to buy anything in the women’s section of the department store because everything is too large? Buying professional business clothes is a real challenge and huge expense because it ALWAYS mean tailoring so I don’t look like I’m playing dress-up. I have never dissed anyone in my life for their size, but I get it all the time. Strangers tell me I’m too skinny, men have actually come up to me and told me I’d be ever so much sexier if I had a butt. I mean – come on. I’ve had larger women talk about me (and laugh – how lovely is that?) clearly within my hearing about my weight/size. I had a waitress pat me on the shoulder and tell me there was professional help available to me! I do not have an eating disorder, for the love of God. There aren’t many stores that cater to small women (unlike our larger sisters) who are years past junior’s fashions and it is incredibly aggravating. Yes, the song is meant to empower those who feel as though they aren’t meeting the size expectations of our society and it never occurred to me to take it personally, but I have spent an inordinate amount of time online lately trying to find just one freaking pair of boots to buy that actually would fit my legs (within budget) and not look totally ridiculous…

  39. Good gosh cry me a freaking river. Beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes but you’d be hard pressed to make an argument saying that “skinny bitches” don’t fit into some preconceived societal norm. The fact is that they do. Marketing has done a fabulous job engraining in the culture that skinny = beautiful and not skinny = not beautiful. Which is ludicrous because just because you wear a size 10 doesn’t mean you are fat.

    And come on you got your feelings hurt because of a stupid song…..smh.

    1. The existence of the phrase “skinny bitches” in common parlance demonstrates that skinny shaming exists, which is shameful; it’s perpetuance by inclusion in popular media is a legitimate concern.

      1. No it isn’t. The phrases fat bitches, ugly bitches etc also exist. It’s called life. Not every one on this planet is going to love you just because you are skinny, or fat, or pear shaped, or hourglass shaped. Life isn’t fair.

  40. Oh spare me, the average “WOMAN” is NOT 5feet tall and 85 lbs. In fact on the drs famous “charts” that would be the size of an 11 year old CHILD (which you are acting like!). Face it you are child size, buy your clothes that FIT in the KIDS section rather then “name brand” that are too large! Thats just ridiculous. My son in law is tiny, age 27 100lbs and has to buy his clothes in the BOYS section! I applaud Megan Trainor and her message that girls should accept their bodies the way GOD made them!

  41. Random dude, but I thought the exact same thing hearing the song the first time. I have skinny friends, fat friends, whatever. Male or female there are body issues everywhere. The song doesn’t actually encourage fat people not to feel like shit so much as trying to add some attitude to a masked insecurity, and it attacks skinny people in the process. Fuck this bitch, fat, medium or skinny for having to go after anyone else to try to feel okay.

  42. Ready to wear barely fits anyone right. My Mama, and Grandma (both tiny waists) taught me to buy a slightly larger size, get an alteration specialist or your own sewing machine and shut up.

  43. You understand what we bigger people go through. But come on… skinny shaming is not a thing the way fat shaming is. Fat shaming is pervasive and destructive, yet sadly permissible. Whining about how hard it is to be a thin person in the face of an overwhelmingly anti-fat society is like complaining how hard it is to be rich in an overwhelmingly poor society. Yes, I’m sure there are setbacks. Those who are extremely thin due to medical and biological reasons and who suffer from debilitating conditions deserve our unalloyed sympathy and support. But I’m really and truly unimpressed by this post. Boo hoo about your big bracelet. Try the girls’ department.

  44. So “skinny” or “fit” people get to be the ideal image for a human being since the beginning of our existence, being taught that they are perfect models for others to admire, but this song gives people a chance who aren’t skinny to feel good and people want to tear it down? Really? Get over yourselves. I’m sorry that you got to be (and still are) the more preferred and cherished body type for thousands of years, but its really childish that the second that heavy/fat/overweight people get their day in the sun you want to keep the attention on yourself by whining.

    1. False. Skinny women have been the ideal image since the beginning of our existence. Pick up a book. Weight regulation hasn’t even existed until the last century. Even then, bigger women were lusted after because it was a reflection of money if you were overweight.

  45. I’m skinny due to physical health problems that started in my mid 20s. Trainor’s song definitely stung because it points at all skinny girls and implies they are all on diets and are all motivated by vanity. I’d much rather hear Ice Cub rap about thick butts than hear Meghan Trainor preach. Peace.

  46. Hey I’m sorry that you are so offended by a gorgeous curvy singer making a statement about her body not yours. You seem to be itty little almost midget size and those folks indeed exist. You seem short is what I’m saying. Sizes 0, 00, 000 are delusional take a measuring tape and measure yourself dear. Are you a big zero? No you will have inches in numbers or centimeters. These sizes were created for vain high class women to feel small! LOL
    Do your research better and stop being jealous of curves that you won’t ever have.

  47. One more thing dont be so butt hurt bc you may be truly deeply envious seeing such a BBTeen seelling her song all over the world, making millions, and she is found to be so hot! In other words, you cant stand a Big lady be so darn confident bc you are a stick figure and still feel inadequate. You want to be catty rat online and you will get the same energy back to you. Karma.

    Try to be more confident in your own skin and stop comparing yourself you are not above and you sound like a perfectionist and judgmental girl.

    How dare this extra weight teen thinks she’s all that!? It’s truly deeply what you are thinking but instead you go around the bush ranting your catty passive aggressive thoughts “Oh poor me reader I’m proudly to tell you I’m size 000! and I’m so offended about the Bass song bc I really do exist and I’m truly a stick figure and this bitch who is fat doesn’t sing about me! The word fat is not a bad word either, there’s no fat shamming.

    It’s not all about you OK.

    1. Your response reads like you either didn’t read the article, or -more likely- need to work harder on your comprehension and debating skills, not to mention grammar!

  48. Wow this just proves how petty people have become…Maybe next time around Miss Trainor can sing about thin girls and EVERYONE can feel good about themselves. Grow up people it’s just a song!

  49. I disagree. Shes specifically saying the she isn’t a size two. And its for girls who arent. She didnt say being thin was bad but the direction of thw song is saying the she and girls are bringing something aka “Bass” . Plua your not mentioning one of the main lyrics “im here to say every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top” she never actually shames thin ppl. And the skinny bitches shes referring to are the skinny women who treat other ppl badly because of their sizes. Not the normal thin women who care for their bodies and mind their own business. Ppl just want to be offended. Someone alalways finds something to be offended over. Cant we just like the musuc and stop looking for supposed underlying messages.

  50. get over it! buy smaller bracelets! Good lord…its ONE song! Let us fatties have it…jeez….yeah, one song makes you NON-EXISTENT on social media when there are a plethora of models/actresses/etc that are your size. anyone, fat or thin that has their feelings hurt or questions their existence over a song does have problems…bracelets falling off the least of them.

  51. Well now. We all know YOU exist and people think thin women are beautiful and smart and sexy and better. We know because we see you in advertisements, movies, TV shows, books, talk shows, reality TV, fashion shows, and now, after years of de facto being ideal, we see you with the audacity to complain that all those fat slobs who just eat cheetos and bitch about their weight are blowing back some static at you.

    “Skinny bitches” offends you? Fat women would die to be called that.There is a successful diet book by self-proclaimed skinny bitches. Have you been told you should not breed, bleed, or breathe because you are a pretty thin women? Denied employment? Been mocked for your prom dress? Screw that, left dateless on prom night?

    Get over it.

  52. I have felt a twinge of “you’re not good enough” hearing part of the song. At the same time it is a different thing to hear that and accept that everyone has their type and their not type. its not personal. i learned that a long time ago. I’m not sure how this sounds, but just because I don’t find someone attractive doesn’t mean someone else won’t. I don’t have to understand it. I know full well that there are a lot of people may not find me attractive. They don’t have to. knowing this and hearing the song do feel a little different. I do think we need to thoughtful about how we think about other people and ourselves. i can be my biggest critic. We can sometimes think things about people or ourselves and not really realize it. its happened to me.

  53. People are so quick to judge the part of the song that says skinny bitches or I know you think your fat but don’t mention that the lyrics after that says “I’m here to tell you every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.
    If your going write about the song do all pros and cons

  54. Here’s what I’ve learned and come to accept: Clothes. Fit. Weird.

    Clothes are made for a body type that is “average.” So if you’re outside of that average you are going to suffer. One of my friends is a tall, skinny woman. She told me it is very difficult for her to find clothes because she is taller than average. Very few stores carry tall sizes that fit her. It’s a gamble every time she goes to the store.

    I have another friend who weighs 80lbs. She has to shop in the children’s section of the store because those are the only clothes that will fit her.

    I have clothes in my closet ranging from a size 8/10 to a size 3x. I have junk in my trunk, and it is just as difficult to find something that fits and flatters me as it is for you. I could go into a store and walk out with 9 different sizes and they all fit me perfectly. I cannot definitively say “I’m an 8” or “I’m a 12” because I have to take into account my “bass” which average clothes (even in plus size or made for curvy women) are clearly not made for.

    I’m too curvy. I’m above even the norm of what they call curvy, incredibly (and I do mean incredibly) pear shaped. I’m what the song is saying men want, yet I get called all kinds of god-awful names. I’m “chubby,” “fat,” “porky,” “ugly.” Those names used to hurt, but now I just don’t care anymore. I’m a unique individual with my own set of problems. I think if all I have to worry about is a clothing size, I’m actually pretty fortunate.

    I’m not putting you down. I understand what you’re saying. No one should be put down because of their weight or body type. However, considering the fact that neither of us have an “average” body, we’re both going to suffer as far as society is concerned.

    Love yourself for who you are, fat or thin. A clothing size is just another label.

  55. Thank you!! I am a size 0 with a booty. I am so sick of hearing people talk about unhealthy and “0 doesn’t exist”. THAT is lacking confidence. It’s living in that bubble of ‘whoever is not like me is wrong’. Sure, people can diet too much and people can overeat too much. Some of us are who we are.

  56. This comment section is a sad place.

    Alicia, I’m “average” weight, but I feel your pain. My twin is around 100 lbs and she tells me of the rude, insulting things people say to her because she’s skinny. They either think she doesn’t eat or that she believes she’s better than them because she’s skinny. She desperately wants to gain weight and also has a hard time finding clothes. This comment section also proves your point and the micro-aggression they face because of their naturally think size.

    It’s about Meaghan’s phrasing that upset, which I understand because I was put off by that line as well. But, many people don’t understand that. And because you are skinny, they think that life is just dandy.

  57. I share your exasperation at the notion that skinny women are bitches and larger ones are somehow more “real”. I appreciate this idea is a reaction against the cultural ideals which have been created by men. However it is ironic that these ideals were obviously instituted in order to divide women and yet this anti-skinny response has the same effect. I suppose one could argue that women such as yourself have an inherent advantage and are therefore more justifiably criticised, but I don’t see how doing so is terribly helpful. Sadly this is another example of our divisive culture pulling people apart in ways which even go beyond the original bad intentions. The question is how do we build a culture in which women aren’t obliged to continually compare themselves to each other as if they are puppies in a shop window? I don’t have a workable solution yet, perhaps you do?

  58. I wonder how many charting songs in the last 20 years fat/skinny/body shame, or mention the issue? An example that comes to mind is Unpretty by TLC.

  59. There’re some really nice Asian websites that sell clothes for petite women. People will try to put down others in order to feel better about themselves but they can only upset you IF you allow them to. Acceptance is within; if you accept yourself, you won’t need external validation.

    Chin up, girl : )

  60. Girls work extremely hard to try and be a size zero, I’m dieting and exercising like crazy to try and get to be that same size myself! So yes, it’s so stupid how fat girls get jealous and try & put down us skinny ones.

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