Frank Ocean Never Owed Us Anything

Frank Ocean has a style that transcends all music forms. He can’t be placed under Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Vocal, or any categories that we’re used to. Despite not having the most impressive range of any artist, the way that his voice makes us feel, is irreplaceable and one of a kind.

All of the mounted expectations and worries that I had about Blond not being as good as I’d hoped vanished the second I hit play on my free trial of Apple Music.

Frank’s voice is comforting, despite the fact that it always leaves me feeling extremely vulnerable. His voice feels like turning the heaters all the way up in my car while the windows are rolled down as it’s just started raining. It feels like talking to a close friend after years of silence and falling instantly into old habits.

He makes it so easy to trust him, which is why so many of us feel that it’s okay to talk about him on social media like he owes us more.

Look at Andre 3000. The man comes out of hiding every once in a while to drop a verse or two that resonates with the world (see: Solo Reprise). He doesn’t have to say much to make a good song great, and yet, you don’t see the Internet crying out against his fluidity in the industry.

The thing is, Frank has to be that friend that weaves in and out of our lives. He has to be that friend that we look back on old pictures with, that friend that we’re always thinking of in the back of our minds. He should be that friend that we worry about the connection with falling through when we’re anticipating meeting up again, but feel foolish about thinking that way as soon as we reunite.

If Frank wasn’t that friend, he would lose the image and the appeal that we love about him. He never owed us anything, and he never will, as long as we trust that he will stay that friend in our lives.

Ohona Chowdhury

Ohona Chowdhury

Student claiming both Los Angeles and the Bay Area as her home until she finally has to grow up and pick one. She loves maintaining a solid social media presence as much as she hates when people walk too slow in front of her.

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