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See what the new year has in store for you with your end of the year horoscopes.

Card: The Chariot

This week is about sheer force of will for you, Aries. To begin, turn away from the material world and peer inside yourself to figure out precisely what it is that drives you. Once you know where to focus your energy, you can make manifest your wildest flights of fancy. Be stolid and calm, impervious to things like: the 24-hour news cycle; social media; traffic. Leave the city if you can, and get to the biggest body of water you can find. Discover in quiet, then, when the week is over, spring into action.



Card: The Page of Cups, Reversed

Indulge in your tantrum, Taurus, if you must. Sometimes it’s better to just let it all out than to keep it bottled up. Cry it out til you’re empty, til your heart feels heavy and tired. Sleep it off, and then look toward Sunday’s new moon. Now is the time to begin a new project or embark on a new romance, but only after all of this week’s negativity is purged. Avoid excessive alcohol and gluttony: they are crutches, and you are strong.



Card: The Fool, Reversed

Trust the thing you feel in your gut, Gemini, you are spot-on. The Fool, reversed, cautions you against being taken advantage of, against relationships lacking in certainty and stability. You will know the truth when you see it, somewhere deep at the core of yourself, and you must listen to the secret voice that tells you “stay” or “go”, “jump” or “return to the earth”. There is no need to seek council from anyone else: just turn your ear inward and stay silent.



Card: The Ace of Pentacles

This is a week to consider practicalities. Money, money, money, Cancer. That thing you’ve had your eye on? Buy it, baby. Now is the time to make investments and big purchases. This is particularly true for partnered Cancers, looking to make decisions with their spouses, lovers, business associates, and forward-thinking friends. The Ace of Pentacles, and the continued presence of Mars if your zone of shared finances, compels you: listen.


Card: The Four of Pentacles

You are surrounded by people who love you, Leo, so why are you so afraid to ask for their help when you really need it? I understand your need to be conservative this week, your need to turn inward and be quiet as you figure out your next step, but you aren’t alone, and it’s folly to believe that you are. Try not to be greedy with yourself, Leo. Share of yourself, the good and the bad, and watch how it enriches all of your relationships.



Card: Judgement

Much of this week, you’ll feel tugs from opposite directions. A push and pull that leaves you uncertain of where to go, what to do, and with whom. But don’t worry, this uncertainty will pass by week’s end, and you’ll settle into feeling confident about the paths you’ve decided to take. Sunday’s new moon is good for that first date, for that new hobby. But the Major Arcana of Judgement cautions you to ensure that you don’t shirk the inner-calling that was your driving force. Don’t get lost in the undertow, Virgo.



Card: King of Pentacles, Reversed

Your guts may be all in a tangle this week, Libra, your heart may be all a-flutter. Romance is in the air for you, but the King of Pentacles, reversed, indicates that you should be mindful of the things that make you feel good: fine wine, rich food, and — most of all — sex. Do not lose yourself in the pleasures of the flesh, because they will not ensure lasting happiness. By all means, indulge, but remember that there is more out there for the taking.



Card: King of Cups

This is a week for boldness and bravery, perhaps with a dash of recklessness and whimsy. You’ve sewn the field of emotional equilibrium, now reap the benefits. You have strength in spades, Scorpio, and you could use that strength to be a pillar for your loved ones. Or you could use it to push off from, to embark on an adventure you were previously too nervous to take. Regardless of how you use it, know it will be there for you to return to when you are road weary and ready for rest.



Card: Three of Wands, reversed

You’re digging in, Sagittarius, I know you are. You’re doing everything you can, working hard, pouring yourself into your projects, investing in your relationships, but for one reason or another, you just seem stuck. All I can say is: keep doing what you’re doing, and as the Sun moves its way into Capricorn, you’ll weave your way around professional obstacles first, then the personal ones won’t seem so overwhelming. Stick to it, Sag. Time and perseverance are all you need.



Card: Five of Cups

Shake it off, Capricorn, it’s your time to shed the dead skin and emerge fresh and pink and new. The Five of Cups reminds you to practice letting go, and that forgiveness isn’t something you do once, but rather over and over again until it sticks. Let your past inform you, but don’t try to dwell in it: it is a derelict house that will crumble beneath your feet. Nurture yourself, and greet he new year with renewed enthusiasm, knowing in your core that you can make magic with the myriad of skills at your disposal.



Card: Nine of Swords, Reversed

Everyone experiences periods of stress and anxiety, and this is yours, Aquarius. You’ve turned inward, but instead of quiet rumination and meditation, your pulse is quick and your breathing is erratic. Try to manage this as best you can, however you can. Splash water on your face, curl up with your favorite movie, go for a run. Put out the fire in your head, Aquarius, and sleep.



Card: Justice

This is a week for dreaming, because karmic recompense is on the way. Good, bad or indifferent, the universe is sending you what you’ve put out into it. In the mean time, do the things that make you feel warm and full, rested and happy. Keep balanced, taking care of yourself as much as you are socializing and taking care of the people who love you.

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