Both ABC and NBC Reject 30-Second Lane Bryant Plus-Size Ad

Lane Bryant made a commercial on par with Dove’s body positivity ads – a bunch of semi-nude, fuller-sized woman just livin’ in their bodies. It’s meant to be a message of empowerment to women who don’t feel good enough in comparison to other Photoshopped and sexualized images of female bodies that don’t reflect reality for most women.

It was soundly rejected.

Why? Because it doesn’t “comply with broadcast indecency guidelines” according to the suits at NBC and ABC.

Despite the ridiculously sexual Carl’s Junior ads, Victoria Secret commercials, and other generally hypersexual ads, the network execs thought this was all too much. Many have speculated that it was the shot of a model breastfeeding that put the commercial into indecent territory. Because boobs are for sexual purposes and ew, why are you letting that baby get to third base??

It’s amazing that straight-size models prancing around, eating burgers in the nude (hey, nothing wrong with that) is so innocent in the eyes of ad execs – but god forbid if there’s bigger women out there, laying around in their underwear and just BEING, it’s too much.

Why wouldn’t you want women on screen that reflected the majority of American women instead of some highly desirable but highly improbably body type? I don’t know.

NBC and ABC would have been applauded had they run the ad so I’m not sure what sort of person they are appealing to besides dudes who don’t have two brain cells to rub together with their regular “sexy” ads they run. But with this ad, they could have appealed to women.

Lane Bryant made this statement to Racked on the ad rejection:

“The This Body campaign was meant to be a fun way for us to celebrate and honor women of all shapes and sizes. What is too much for some does not hold true for others. All women should be celebrated and feel empowered to express themselves as they see fit. We want her to know she can attract as much media attention, look just as striking as any woman, and decide what beautiful means to her. The This Body commercial holds nothing back. It is a true celebration of women of all sizes doing what makes THEM feel beautiful whether its breastfeeding their newborn, flaunting their bodies the way they see fit, breaking down barriers all around and simply being who they are or want to be!”


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