Beauty Company L’Oreal Attempts to Beef Up Red Carpet Questions with #WorthSaying Campaign

Cosmetics company, L’Oreal, is launching a hashtag campaign aiming to go “beyond beauty”. This vague sentiment is a reference to the types of red carpet questions actresses usually get asked: who they’re wearing, who did their makeup, and other inquiries about their appearance. With the #WorthSaying project, L’Oreal hopes women – both famous and regular plebes – will voice their opinions on issues that matter. It’s is all very suspicious coming from a company that hawks makeup and beauty products.

This particular hashtag comes right on the heels of other similar campaigns like #AskHerMore which was started by filmmaker Jennifer Siebel Newsom and Amy Poehler’s #AskSmartGirls which both attempted to deepen the questions reporters ask actresses on the red carpet.

So is L’Oreal just taking advantage of this whole feminist thing by setting up its own hashtag to push interviewers and publications to ask actresses less vapid, more substantive questions while helping their own brand image? Possibly.

Again, this is a beauty company attempting to make money, ultimately. However, that’s not to say beauty culture and feminism can’t co-exist in harmony, which L’Oreal’s president  Karen Fondu was quick to point out:
“We believe the two can live synergistically together because we know that when women feel their best, they can achieve anything.”

She continued:
“We recognise the importance to fuel the powerful words of women everywhere so their conversations reach, affect and inspire as many other women as possible.”

Okay, L’Oreal. Whatever you say. I’m watching you though.

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