How To Avoid Choking Your Travel Partner

Traveling is often a big determinant of whether the person you are traveling with is a life-keeper or a one-time, never-again, trip ruiner. We are all searching for that person who is down to dance in the pouring rain with us and laugh through the rough patches that come with exploring a new city and we want to avoid the ones who are only along for the ride if the sun is out and bail when the road gets bumpy. Sometimes, however, we end up with the latter and although they may get on our nerves – we have to survive the trip without launching at their throats somehow.

On my very first trip without navigation from my mom and dad, I was with one other girlfriend and it took exactly 3 days of endless one-on-one time to realize that while we had picked the same location, we both had dreamt up entirely different trips.

She complained about the food, mosquitos and rarely wanted to explore further than the hotel pool. I wanted to take buses everywhere, eat what the natives were eating and meet locals. Every decision was a debate and needless to say we both could not stand each other by the time we boarded our flight home.

After that trip, I quickly learned that finding a good partner in crime was essential for travel and there was a solution to avoiding some less-than-pleasant awkward tension.

It’s called alcohol.

Just kidding.
I found that considering a few simple factors maximized the good times without the need to drink:

Yvette Alatorre

Yvette Alatorre

I am a semi-cynical hopeless romantic continuously exploring the many lessons in love and dating. I began writing stories about my dating life 4 years ago in hopes that many could relate, it turns out I was not alone in my experiences! My blog is based on the idea that we are all a little dysfunctional when it comes to love. I believe anything is worth doing for the sake of a good story, which is often the motivation for my (bad) decisions. I enjoy reading books from the great minds of authors such as Kurt Vonnegut, dancing like no one is watching and contemplating seriously funny thoughts alongside the beach.


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