10 LGBT Issues That Still Need Attention

This past June, the US celebrated as marriage equality was declared legal in all 50 states. Finally! We all thought. And it’s true: marriage equality is a huge issue in the LGBT community, and the victory made the community and their allies feel as if all the hard work to bring marriage equality to fruition was totally worth it. Now that we’ve had time to celebrate, let’s remember that there are still some struggles the LGBT community and their allies still worth fighting for.

10. LGBT youth homelessness.

ABC News
ABC News

According to the Williams Institute, LGBT youth make up about 40% of the youth homeless population. Even then, it’s difficult for LGBT homeless youth to find shelters in which they can sleep, and those who identify as trans are especially vulnerable to physical violence. They’re often refused a bed at shelters as it is. To make matters worse, LGBT youth are also far more subject to verbal taunts and exploitation than heterosexual homeless youth.

Ingrid Cruz

Ingrid Cruz

Ingrid Cruz is a freelance writer and designer raised in Los Angeles. She's currently backpacking South America and hopes to return to the USA free of her fear of heights.

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