10 Films That Actually Pass the Bechdel Test

Cultural critics, women film directors, actresses, and Twitter users have been discussing the way women are represented in the media lately. Though there are many ways to challenge and address this, there has been a simple minimum standard for years now: the Bechdel Test. This simple test was popularized by Alison Bechdel, who created a comic by the name of Dykes to Watch Out For in a small strip called The Rule. It’s the bare minimum for how women discuss events in films. The test itself doesn’t account for the overall quality of the film.

For a film to pass the Bechdel test it must include: (1) a minimum of two women (2) who talk to each other about (3) any topic that isn’t a man. Simple, right? I must admit that this list of 10 films is colored with my own personal taste, but you can feel free to name other films I left out in the comments below. I tried very hard to include films that have a strong female lead or significant supporting role and to include various genres.

10. Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (1974)

Btch Flcks
Btch Flcks

The film follows Alice Hyatt, who decides to pursue her singing career after her husband She decides to move back to her childhood hometown, and winds up having to live in Phoenix, AZ for a while. Along the way, she goes through setbacks, one bad relationship, and one good one. I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, but suffice it to say that the theme behind the film still resonates with many women today.

Ingrid Cruz

Ingrid Cruz

Ingrid Cruz is a freelance writer and designer raised in Los Angeles. She's currently backpacking South America and hopes to return to the USA free of her fear of heights.

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